How To Motivate Yourself

Motivation can be difficult at certain times. Here are a few thoughts for finding it when it goes missing.

4 Key Differences Between a Leader and a Dictator

When most people hear the word “dictator,” they think of some outrageous characters. Darth Vader, Dr. Evil, certain psychopaths in the headlines. No one thinks of themselves as a dictator. But dictators in business are a common bunch. They’re just not so easy to spot because they don’t wear a pitch-black exoskeleton. If you’re a leader in business looking to avoid the dark side, you need to know these 3 key differences between a leader and a dictator. Leaders Inspire, Not Intimidate Telling an employee, if they don’t get a certain task done on Friday, to not bother coming in on Monday is a classic dictator move. Dictators use intimidation and fear to ply their employees into getting the job

How Leading with a Servant’s Heart Will Change Your Company

There are plenty of different types of leadership styles out there. And leadership trends over the years have certainly shifted. From “Who Moved My Cheese” to the “One-Minute Manager,” there are hordes of sound ideas for leaders to leverage. And the goal is to lead in such a manner that employees, colleagues, and subordinates all feel inspired to do their best, be more productive, and become loyal to the company mission. But what about leading with a servant’s heart? Have you heard of this concept? It’s a respect-based leadership method whereby those who are led by someone actively practicing the servant leadership approach perform at a higher level. On its surface, servant leadership may sound like you’re giving up control,

The Ultimate Guide to Training Sales Assassins

In your company, you don’t just need transactional sales reps or account executives. You need straight-up sales assassins. These professionals are masters at reading clients, overcoming objections, and getting deals done. You’ve seen them in action and know the kind of sales beasts I’m talking about, too. It’s like they walk into a room or hop on a call and the champagne just falls from the heavens. Those are the incredible sales assassins your business needs. So where do these behemoth acquisition and sales leaders come from, anyway? And can you be developing your existing team into such a business unicorn? Actually, yes. Much of how business is conducted today is different than in years past. And that shift in

5 Reasons to Keep an Entrepreneur’s Journal

Ok, hear me out on this one. I know what you’re thinking. Keeping a journal is for people who have the time and energy to sit down and contemplate and reflect, right? Only those who can seclude themselves for an hour to doodle flowery notes in the margins will actually enjoy writing in a journal, right? You’re running a business. Usually, your day consists of a fast-paced balancing act that results in you forgetting to eat lunch. How is an entrepreneur supposed to have time or the will to thoughtfully contribute to a journal? The truth is, journaling doesn’t have to be a chore, and it does have incredible benefits, both personally and professionally. If you can deliberately set aside