Why You Should Build Your Business Around Your Preferences

It often does not occur to the entrepreneur that they could, or even should, have their business revolve around them. But there are good reasons to do business on your terms, and there could be some significant drawbacks to following in the footsteps of your competition. Here’s why you should build your business around your preferences. Differentiate Yourself Most businesses

Marketing & Sales Are Not the Same: 5 Things to Know to Improve Conversions

How’s business? If you’re like most owners and entrepreneurs, you’d say it’s kind of crazy these days. Customer preferences are shifting, markets are changing, and then there’s the economy. But kudos to you for continued staying power and the ability to remain flexible and dynamic! But the struggle is still real, and we get it. Connecting with new customers requires

The Pros & Cons of Blogging or Publishing Daily

There are marketers out there making bold claims about publishing daily. But as with any marketing activity you can take on, there are upsides and downsides to blogging daily. Having a balanced perspective on the matter ensures that you’re taking on the right actions to grow your project, venture, or business. Here are the pros and cons of blogging or

AI in Writing: What Today’s Marketers Need to Know

Innovation is king, especially in business. And if you’re not on the right side of innovation, your business is heading for obsoletion in a hurry. But not all technology is going to be a magic wand solution. And no matter how bright and shiny it is, it might not be a good fit for your company, your business model, or

22 Podcasts, Influencers & Thought Leaders You Should Be Following for Improving Leadership

As a business leader or professional in your given field, you understand the value of continued learning and adapting. You’re always exploring new ideas and soaking up knowledge that you can transform into applicable strategies for your business and leadership style. And some of the best advice you can find these days is among the top leadership influencers online and

How to Start a Podcast That Has Traction says there are roughly three to four million podcasts available. But 44% of shows have less than three episodes, and only 720,000 podcasts have more than 10 episodes. Only 156,000 are releasing weekly episodes. There are many who believe starting a podcast to grow their business would be a good idea, but when push comes to shove, they realize

How to Write Yourself into Existence

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy famously “wrote himself into existence.” But in a time when AI written content is fast becoming the norm, platforms like Medium and Substack are fiercely competitive, and blogging of any kind in any niche is well beyond saturated, is it still possible to write yourself into existence? Yes, it is. But your efforts can’t be haphazard.

Mindset Matters: 7 Tips for Shifting to a More Successful Life Perspective

How’s your mindset lately? Are you stressed? Do you catch yourself reciting negative self-talk? Are you feeling overly critical of others? Or worse, has someone called your attention to your recent negativity?  It’s entirely normal to fall into these traps, in both your business life and your personal life sometimes. What’s not normal, however, is staying in those toxic mindsets

Why Marketing Stamina Matters

Entrepreneurs and businesses alike sometimes get caught up in the sheer number of product and services opportunities they could create for their target customers. Instead of focusing on a singular project and making it as good as possible, they end up spreading their time, energy, and resources thin trying to create, deliver, and support an endless array of offers. The

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