7 Reasons You May Give Up On A Business Blog

Many marketers, managers and owners feel that blogging is a good strategy. Some get really excited about it. But many, many business blogs are still shuttered every day. Why is that?

How To Create Categories For A Personal Blog

A personal blog can have some great benefits. If you’re thinking about starting one don’t pay attention to the rules too much. But one area that can help is categories.

7 Types of Articles To Write for LinkedIn

LinkedIn began offering their own blogging platform a few years ago. It’s a way to stand out both for your personal brand and for the business you represent.

Stop Waiting For Things To Change

Another paradox in life is that sometimes it’s good to wait and other times it’s good to start right now…

What To Do When You Hit A Blogging Roadblock

When you’re creating any type of content you’re eventually going to hit roadblocks. I’ve found that a useful strategy is to get back to the basics…

Leaders Correct Their Mistakes Quickly

Bob Harlan was a great leader for the Green Bay Packers. He joined the staff in 1971 and in 1989, he became team president. In late 1991 he hired Ron Wolf as general manager. Their ability to admit mistakes early allowed them to move on to better options.