Why Marketing Stamina Matters

Why Marketing Stamina Matters
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Entrepreneurs and businesses alike sometimes get caught up in the sheer number of product and services opportunities they could create for their target customers.

Instead of focusing on a singular project and making it as good as possible, they end up spreading their time, energy, and resources thin trying to create, deliver, and support an endless array of offers.

The natural byproduct isn’t just scattered energy, but disappointment and ineffectiveness in most areas.

More than ever, marketing stamina is critical to your success. Here’s why.

“But I Haven’t Seen it on Social Media Yet”

Has this happened to you? You’ve spent countless hours in research and development, building the sales page, and creating the product. You finally launch, only to be disappointed by the uptake.

Not just that, but the word gets back to you that your customers are skeptical because they haven’t even seen your product on social media yet.

Obviously, it either takes time, money, or both for you to gain the visibility you need for your product on social media. But that’s just the acorn. The forest resulting from the acorn is that there are a litany of tasks that must be completed before anyone has any trust in the idea that your product even exists and is worthy of their attention.

And let’s not forget – cutting through the noise is not going to happen overnight. The Rule of 7 says you need to get your message in front of your prospect seven times before you can even expect them to take action or make a purchase.

You Need a Marketing Checklist

Maybe you have one already. But we can never forget that good things take time.

Unless you’ve achieved a level of notoriety or critical mass, it’s safe to say most people don’t care about your product launch, and worse, some people are wondering when you’re ever going to get around to offering support for the course you launched two years ago.

If you want to get the most out of your latest launch, you must put your full support behind it and take a renewed, holistic perspective at activity to include in your marketing checklist. You’ve got to prioritize high leverage tasks too.

It Isn’t Just About Focus

In developing your marketing stamina, focus is obviously going to make a difference. But it isn’t just about focus. It’s also about knowing what your product can do and putting your full confidence behind it.

Popular musical artists and bands don’t just perform once in their hometown and call it a day. They go on world tours, fulfilling on hundreds of tour dates. They don’t even move on until their audience has had their fill, sometimes giving repeat performances in certain cities.

If you aren’t touring, you will need to be constantly developing new marketing assets to keep the marketing momentum going. And that requires stamina too. You can’t get bored of your product. You need to commit to getting it in front of as many people as possible.


Marketing stamina matters because competing for attention in a noisy world is hard. If you really want your product to be seen, you’ve got to put some serious energy behind it. And it will take time to do everything you can possibly do to promote it and gather social proof.

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