Passion & Success: It’s a Marriage, Not a Fling

When you think about it, marriage and business are incredibly similar. How you maintain and improve both requires much of the same levels of commitment. And successful marriages and careers have one key element in common – passion. If you’re passionate about who you’re with, your marital bond will continue to grow and serve as a rock-solid foundation for your family. Likewise, passion-infused career paths will almost always lead to growth and success. It’s no wonder the experts often say passion and success in your career should be treated like a marriage, not a fling. Where You’ll Spend the Majority of Your Time in Life The two relationships you’ll spend most of your time and effort with are your significant

How To Forgive Coworkers

Coworkers are going to let you down sometimes. Being able to move on is critical to your success and fulfillment in the workplace and even outside of the office.

4 Incredible Ways to Destress at the End of the Day

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Americans’ stress levels have steadily risen since the beginning of the pandemic. About a fifth of Americans said their mental health was worse in 2020 than the previous year. By 2021, a third were feeling more stressed just making day-to-day decisions. And here we are, in 2022, and stress statistics gathered by the APA indicate our stress levels are at “alarming levels.” Clearly, Americans could use some strategies for relieving all that stress. In this article, we zero-in on the unique ways entrepreneurs feel stress and offer up some stress-relieving tips tailor-made for enterprising spirits like yours. Stress Impacts Entrepreneurs’ Health You already know entrepreneurs are wired differently.

How To Find Great Coworkers

Coworkers are a huge part of our live. We spend a great deal of our time working. Finding great people to be around is critical to a good life.

Can You Start Over in Your 40s?

Remember when you were younger, eager to take on the world and embark on a new career? Maybe you were just fresh out of college or taking over a family business. Or maybe you remember the butterflies you felt the first day you reported to your first real job. You had a fresh enthusiasm about what you could do with your life. And you were excited to put your stamp on the world. But then life happened. Anyone in their forties knows what I’m talking about, too. You make plans. Plans change. Circumstances change. Your career path shifts over the years, and without realizing it, here you are today. Are you currently where you were back then? Or are you

How Well Are You Tapping Into LinkedIn?

LinkedIn marketing may not seem important at first glance. The platform has fewer than half the users of Facebook. And far fewer of LinkedIn users are active when compared to Facebook’s users, who post an excessive 350 million photos per day. LinkedIn is decidedly austere when compared to its social media siblings. You won’t find wedding photos or birthday memes. And thanks to LinkedIn users’ professional restraint, you won’t find provocative political posts either. Compared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, LinkedIn marketing can seem stuffy and basic. So why bother? Because LinkedIn is a recruiting, marketing, and branding heavy hitter for small businesses that know how to use it. LinkedIn Is Social Media for Professionals Rather than trying to

How To Motivate Yourself

Motivation can be difficult at certain times. Here are a few thoughts for finding it when it goes missing.