Why Today’s Sales Strategies Rely on Relationship-Building Skills

Let’s cut to the chase. What you really want, as a company leader or business owner, is more sales. You want to land more clients and boost your company revenue. And you’re looking for any real-life insights to improve your sales methods and bottom-line results. But you’re not interested in fluffy, do this-not that kind of general advice. There are

How to Ensure You’re on a Growth Path & Not Stagnating

Anyone with a personal growth plan is sure to hit certain plateaus from time to time. That’s normal. But stagnation is far more pernicious, settling in and making home in our lives when we’re not even aware of it. We can go months and even years thinking we’re doing all the right things on our growth path, only to discover

Social Media Engagement Strategies That Work (And plenty that don’t)

Let’s dive in and demystify social media. You’re posting regularly. You’re “liking” and “sharing” content. You might even be dabbling with TikTok videos. But if it’s not generating leads for your business, what’s it doing? More importantly, business leaders should think about what they want their social media to do for their bottom line. Branding is necessary but harder to

5 Ways to Recharge & Maintain Energy During the Workday

Whether you’re a 60-hour per week entrepreneur or a busy freelancer with a full schedule, working long, hard hours is sometimes par for the course. The trouble is that working hard doesn’t always equate with working smart. Energy levels deplete, decision making capacity becomes stunted, and your senses dull. So, even menial tasks can appear big tasks and elevate stress

The Core Differences Between Leaders & Bosses: Which Are You?

Whether you’re a mid-level manager for an organization or the CEO, your leadership style will set the tone for those who follow you. And leadership is like a power that can be used for good or wielded for the dark side. Is your lightsaber red or green? Star Wars analogies aside, how you lead your teams will impact your company’s

The Simple, Not Easy Growth Plan for Social Media

Many individuals, brands, and businesses hope they’ll wake up one day to discover their social media following has grown by hundreds or even thousands of followers. Even if you’re doing many or all the right things, success is unlikely to come knocking at your door without incident. Instead of trying to reverse engineer viral success, your time would be better

Growth & Scaling: How Today’s Company Leaders are Succeeding at Both

So, here we are. It’s officially 2023. What are your big ideas for your business this year? Are you launching a brand-new (or new to you) product or service? Do you have plans to innovate something entirely new? Is your company growing into new markets or regions? And more importantly, do you know what you need to effectively stay relevant

How to Grow on Twitter in 2023 & Beyond

Much has been said about Twitter’s future and whether it’s even relevant to marketers anymore. Hootsuite has curated multiple stats that might have you thinking twice about such cavalier statements about Twitter: Twitter is the ninth most visited website globally Their user base is expected to grow to an upwards of 335 million in 2023 85% of Twitter users earn

4 Organizational Tips to Achieve Goals and Have a Great Year

Here’s what you really need right now, another “get your life together” list of tips. Insert sarcastic eye roll here. No really. Let’s get honest about New Year’s resolutions and setting new goals. There’s a lot to unpack when you think about what makes a goal different from objectives or visions. And seriously, do people really achieve their goals, and

How to Finish a Book Manuscript in 90 Days

The process of writing a book is often thought to be lengthy, difficult, and complicated. Many aspiring authors have high hopes of one day writing a book that will impact many. The problem is, they never quite get around to publishing their first. But what if you could finish an entire manuscript in 90 days? Not only is it possible,

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