Why Your Business Blog Will Fail

Most businesses realize the importance of blogging. Traffic, sales leads, and improved customer relationships are all reasons companies are starting blogs. Unfortunately most company blogs won’t last long enough to see success. There are a few key common pitfalls for business blogs. Continue reading to see a few of these pitfalls most businesses experience when starting their blog. An industry leader shares his findings in another post and we add a few of our own so you know what to do when starting your own business blog.

43% of US companies will be Blogging by 2012

Blogging is becoming a popular marketing tool for US companies. Businesses are looking at blogging as a successful way to drive traffic to their site, increase and improve sales leads, as well as improving customer communication and engagement. Successful digitial intelligence firm eMarketer is prediction that 43% of US companies will be blogging within the next two years. Read more to find out just how important blogging is for your business…

Businesses That Blog Get 55% More Visitors

A recent study done by expert company HubSpot found that companies that blog will receive on average 55% more website visitors than companies that do not blog. Imagine the increase in quality leads your company could have coming in from search engines and referrals as people find your blog posts and share them with fellow business leaders. If you’re not blogging you’re missing out. Continue reading for details…

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