Why Scapegoating Ruins Your Life & What to do About it

Sometimes we’re unhappy with the way our leaders are handling a situation. Or maybe we don’t think people are participating the way they should. So, we blame others for what we see as lacking in them. We reprimand and deride them for not doing what we think they should be doing. But this is a slippery slope, as it often

Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Sales Teams Today

As a business owner, your company’s ability to grow is directly impacted by the productivity of your sales teams and your sales efforts. Hiccups in your sales process or inconsistency in driving sales funnels can snowball into big problems, too. Inefficiencies in sales lead to thousands of dollars left on the table in unclosed business and countless missed opportunities. That’s

How You’re Creating Your Own World & How to Change it

Sometimes, we have a hard time believing it. But it’s true. We are each creating our own worlds. And the most challenging part for most is accepting that no matter what we might be experiencing, we’ve had a hand in creating it. Rather than obsessing over what has happened, however, your energy would be better spent changing your course for

What You’re Doing Right (And Wrong) with Your Online Marketing

Every business today – and we mean, every – is online. Now, whether your company just launched a website or you’re an established brand with all kinds of digital profiles, online presence, and inbox tactics, the key to reaching people online is effective marketing. As mystifying and challenging as it is to figure out just what combination of online marketing

3 Skills You’ll Gain by Living Nomadically

Vangabonding isn’t exactly a new idea, as the author of The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss will openly admit. While there are new terms to describe the phenomenon, like “lifestyle design,” the idea of becoming an explorer and living a location-independent lifestyle is appealing to many. As I’ve discovered, though, living as a digital nomad isn’t always a bed of roses.

What It Means to Be a Revolutionary Leader in Today’s Business Landscape

Great leaders emerge all the time. And we notice them the most when they arise from the dust of entrenched challenges. But you don’t have to go through hell to stand out as a great leader. Today’s business leaders are quickly recognizing that they can take command of their company ships with renewed vision, managerial integrity, and brilliant strategies. Today’s path

Is it Time to Step Away to Pursue a New Path?

From the time we were young the ideals of persistence and perseverance were reinforced as worthy ideals. Yet, there isn’t as much virtue in staying in unfavorable, miserable, or downright toxic situations as people seem to think there is. Fundamentally, we are all after a feeling we think we will get when we obtain something. And if we were to

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling Your Business in 2023

Let’s talk about scaling your business. We’re not talking about growth – that’s different. Scaling is about amplifying your offerings and revenue without really investing in more direct resources. But more on that later. For now, you know your success in business relies on your ability to offer a quality solution or provide a core offering to a demanding audience.

The Lost Art of Problem-Solving

To assume that there is only one solution to any given problem is to question the very nature of reality. Yet, because many people are not trained in problem-solving, they can’t see a way where there are potentially dozens or even hundreds of solutions. Problem-solving is a lost art. But if you can master it, it will improve your relationships,

11 Easy-to-Implement Changes to Your Routine to Improve Your Energy

If you’re a successful professional in any capacity, it means you’re really good at what you do. Whether you’re a top-performing salesperson, a veteran business owner, or an aspiring career professional, success lies in your ability to be a go-getter and pedal-to-the-metal kind of worker. But it also probably means that you sometimes struggle with your energy levels. Burnout is

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