The Simple, Not Easy Growth Plan for Social Media

Many individuals, brands, and businesses hope they’ll wake up one day to discover their social media following has grown by hundreds or even thousands of followers. Even if you’re doing many or all the right things, success is unlikely to come knocking at your door without incident. Instead of trying to reverse engineer viral success, your time would be better spent creating a plan and staying steady regardless of changing algorithms and social media landscapes. Here’s the simple, not easy growth plan for social media. Post Consistently People often ask how often to post, and the real answer is not twice per day at 10 AM and 2 PM EST. Such formulas have their value, but they are often catering

Growth & Scaling: How Today’s Company Leaders are Succeeding at Both

So, here we are. It’s officially 2023. What are your big ideas for your business this year? Are you launching a brand-new (or new to you) product or service? Do you have plans to innovate something entirely new? Is your company growing into new markets or regions? And more importantly, do you know what you need to effectively stay relevant to your customers and your market? If you’ve spent the last couple of years trying to survive, dodge, and weave, then 2023 is your year to thrive, boost, and grow. Part of your team and company conversations will likely include growth strategies as well as scaling strategies. The two are different and require unique lenses. And considering how challenging today’s

How to Grow on Twitter in 2023 & Beyond

Much has been said about Twitter’s future and whether it’s even relevant to marketers anymore. Hootsuite has curated multiple stats that might have you thinking twice about such cavalier statements about Twitter: Twitter is the ninth most visited website globally Their user base is expected to grow to an upwards of 335 million in 2023 85% of Twitter users earn more than $30,000 and 34% earn $75,000 or above Almost half of Twitter’s audience consumes news regularly on the platform 54% of Twitter’s audience are more likely to purchase new products And more So, how can you ensure you’re on a growth path for 2023 and beyond? Read on. Pay Attention to Trending Hashtags At first brush, this will seem

4 Organizational Tips to Achieve Goals and Have a Great Year

Here’s what you really need right now, another “get your life together” list of tips. Insert sarcastic eye roll here. No really. Let’s get honest about New Year’s resolutions and setting new goals. There’s a lot to unpack when you think about what makes a goal different from objectives or visions. And seriously, do people really achieve their goals, and what are they doing that separates them from the millions of goals that go unattained? What makes a goal worth aiming for in your career and personal life? How can you realistically take action in a way that authentically produces results? The answer isn’t about what goals you set or how big you dream, for that matter. Those are about

How to Finish a Book Manuscript in 90 Days

The process of writing a book is often thought to be lengthy, difficult, and complicated. Many aspiring authors have high hopes of one day writing a book that will impact many. The problem is, they never quite get around to publishing their first. But what if you could finish an entire manuscript in 90 days? Not only is it possible, but it’s also been done. Here’s how: Break Down the Project into Smaller Chunks How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s a crude cliché, but as it applies to developing your first (or next) manuscript, it’s a key concept. A book is generally in the 40,000- to 80,000-word range. 80,000 is usually getting a little

Outbound Sales: 6 Crazy Stories from the Field

(And what you can learn from them) When you’ve spent a decade, or in my case two decades, in a sales role, you have quite the arsenal of stories and memories. There were some pretty incredible sales victories over the years. And plenty of failures dot my timeline, too. More importantly, sales has allowed me to cross paths with some fantastic people, many of whom taught me lessons in life. Since we’re preparing for the holidays and now’s the time you’re likely reflecting on your sales metrics for 2022, I thought it might make sense to share some memorable stories from the field. These are just some of the most career-impacting lessons I’ve learned in the field, cold-calling and presenting

How to Ensure Your Creative Team is Fairly Rewarded

A writer is a writer. A graphic designer is a graphic designer. And a social media manager is a social media manager. This type of thinking is prevalent among managers, executives, and decision makers. So, they tend to view their human capital as replaceable. But is it? More than ever, there’s a need to ensure your creative team is rewarded fairly. Why You Should Reward Your Creative Team More Fairly There are three key factors to consider: Replacing employees is costly. Onboarding and training costs are substantial. A new hire must become familiar with all your processes and structures, and this can take weeks if not months unless you have a state-of-the-art training system (most companies have minimal structures if

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Newsletter for Your Marketing Strategy

It’s December, and if you’re like most business leaders, you’re putting the finishing touches on your 2023 marketing plan. Along with your strategies for email marketing, sales, advertising, and web presence don’t forget about the incredible reach and frequency power of newsletters. Newsletter campaigns are an effective method for reaching both new and loyal audiences. They’re great for sharing news and special offers. They’re great for nurturing prospects through your funnel and converting. But they do require some effort in design, content, and strategy. Today, we’ll share everything (and we mean everything) you need to know about developing a newsletter marketing strategy. Debunking a Few Newsletter Myths, First If you have reservations about curating a newsletter campaign for your business,

Why You Must Know What Your Team is Motivated by

All too often, employees are treated as cogs in the machine. Some want to be cogs and nothing more. Others gradually acquiesce. And then there are those whose spirit is never broken. Leaders sometimes see it as their job to break all spirits and get their team to conform to their expectations. But there are simply too many opportunities, in the gig and creator economies or otherwise, to treat your best talent this way. Here’s why you must know what your team is motivated by. People Are Differently Motivated It may seem obvious, but the fundamental realization begins here. People are differently motivated. Some leaders take the stance that a writer is a writer, an accountant is an accountant, an

Business Owners Training Managers (It All Rolls Downhill)

When you first started your business, you were enthusiastic, excited, and ready to tackle anything. You might even still feel those butterflies of anticipation today as you grow and scale your enterprise. But as you bring in other managers and leaders to help you steer the company ship, you wonder if your methods of training somehow inspire similar sentiments of excitement to your teams. And are they operating as leaders within your business with the same vigor and enthusiasm? I had a business leader once tell me that only 50% of what I actively trained my teams to do would stick. And cascading in a downhill spiral, those team leaders would only effectively convey 50% of their knowledge to their

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