Why You’ll Have Breakthroughs in Business in Your 40s

As motivational writer and coach, Dr. David J. Schwartz showed in his seminal work, The Magic of Thinking Big, many people reach 40 only to feel as though their best years are gone and think they have limited productive years ahead of them. But the truth of the matter is that you’re far more likely to experience breakthroughs in business

24 Brilliant Calls to Action You Can Use to Close More Sales

No matter how revolutionary or groundbreaking your product is or what your service delivers, if your customers don’t know what to do when they first encounter your offering, they won’t buy. That’s why you need to TELL them what to do. And that’s where the call to action comes into play. Back before the digital age, you know, when broadcast

What is the Lesson? Tuning into Life & What it’s Trying to Show You

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and life always tries to show us something. Some people don’t realize it, some try to ignore it, some grapple and wrestle with it, and some embrace the lessons life presents. But no matter which category you fall into, you can’t escape life’s lessons. Here’s why tuning into life and its

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Ad Campaigns

Go ahead and do a Google search right now for “digital ad campaigns” and see what happens. You’ll be inundated with pages and pages of articles, all claiming to be the best tools, the greatest strategies, and the latest ad trends. There are almost as many pieces of advice out there as you have potential customers in your whole audience

The Power of Surrender in Relationships, Life & Business

We all have things we’re looking to accomplish in life. But it’s altogether too easy to place added importance on these things. It seems like a normal thing to do. But when we add too much importance to outcomes, we end up obsessing over the smallest of details – be it the rise and fall of traffic to our websites,

Ready to Take on Your First Leadership Role? 10 Tips to Prepare

You’ve spent your working life up until this point growing and learning in the hopes you’d achieve a position of leadership. Or maybe you’re the other type of professional, one who’s worked diligently to hone a craft only for purposes of self-improvement, now finding yourself getting a surprise promotion to leadership. In either case, it’s time to prepare for a

How to Escape Sunk Cost Fallacy in Entrepreneurship

You’re one of the hardest-working entrepreneurs around. You spend all your spare time investing in your growth. Not a day goes by without you taking action toward your ultimate success. But you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Years continue to pass, but you don’t feel like you’ve got anything to show for it. All the while, your peers are

10 Challenges Today’s Entrepreneurs Face (And What You Can Do to Overcome Them)

The road of an entrepreneur is filled with challenges and obstacles that others don’t necessarily face. And it’s lonely sometimes, especially when you feel like you’re burning both ends. Others don’t understand your stresses, and it’s even harder to sift through the nuggets of advice to find clarity and insight. But you don’t have to isolate yourself in a silo,

Why Content Calendars Are More Crucial Than Ever

New marketers are usually quick to run to the latest trending tactics to gain attention for their products and services. Experienced marketers, on the other hand, know the value of creating and sticking to a plan. And while there’s nothing particularly exciting about content calendars, it’s the very essence of strategy. And smart marketers know they must plant their flag

It’s Never Too Late to Change Career Goals

Well, you’re here. And that means something about this topic sparks interest. Whether you’re thinking about a career now or just wondering what your options are, stay tuned. It used to be that careers were meant to be linear, with 20+ years of loyal commitment that would result in a healthy retirement with benefits and stipends. That may have been

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