Inbound vs. Outbound: What Today’s Leaders Need to Know to Drive Both

When you go fishing, do you paddle out to the middle of the lake with all your bait and tackle and wait for the fish to jump in the boat? Now, if the goal is to actually bring home fish, this is likely not the best strategy. What you’ll do instead is paddle out to the middle of the lake and make smart use of your bait and tackle to attract and reel in those monster bass. And if you’re really interested in harvesting fish, like the ocean fishing professionals, you’ll have rigs with massive nets designed to scoop up entire schools of fish in one hoist. Now, let’s pivot to look at your business model. Is your company fishing

Are Web3 Platforms Worth Adding to My Marketing Mix?

Whether it’s on the DeSo, STEEM, or HIVE blockchains, Web3 social networking platforms are quietly exploding. The political-healthcare climate of the last couple of years has divided people as never before, increasing the demand for free speech and non-centrally controlled platforms. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is Web3 platforms have their own ecosystems, utilizing cryptocurrency to reward users for certain actions, in some cases, letting them create their own NFTs to sell as digital tokens. As you may know, crypto and NFTs are huge buzzwords right now. So, are Web3 platforms worth adding to your marketing mix? Do You Have The Bandwidth? Just as it’s necessary to create a strategy for platforms like LinkedIn or

18 Characteristics of Today’s Entrepreneurs

Starting a business 20 years ago typically meant opening a brick-and-mortar location to share products or services with the local public. You might remember scenes from the movies of executive board rooms, full of stuffy suits, making the most important decisions for a company’s success from behind closed doors. But here we are, 2022, and the definition of entrepreneurial success is vastly different. I just watched a young couple on their established YouTube page launch a global coffee business from their off-grid living site in Panama. And they’re making bank. So, yes, a lot has changed in the entrepreneurial landscape in the last couple of decades. And while the channels for reaching clients and methods of conducting business have shifted,

Which Side of the ‘Paid Ads’ Fence Are You On?

If you have time but no resources, make content. If you have resources but no time, invest in paid ads. Content and advertising tend to play complementary roles in online marketing. One can support the other. The main difference is that advertising can lead to instant exposure on a mass scale, where content takes time. The more resources you’re willing to pump into your ads, the more traffic you can generate and sustain, so long as you keep spending. But with the paid ads landscape quickly changing, is it still worth the investment? The 3 Greatest Challenges Advertisers Are Facing Whether it’s Google, Facebook, or Twitter, the largest platforms on the web serve ads to their users. There is more

Accept Your Employees For Who They Are

Do you understand the people that you’re hiring? People rarely change. They can improve their skills. But who they are as a person doesn’t often change. So knowing who you’re working with and accepting that is often a key to success.

We Don’t See the Very Lenses Through Which We Look

(And other things I learned from my HS civics teacher) Let’s get deep for a minute. Like, deep thoughts and serious reflection. Sometimes, life calls for it, too. It’s not hard to get sidetracked and caught up in the day-to-day hustle and lose sight of your long-term goals and your current trajectory to reach them. And as an adult, you might start realizing some of the challenges you face are best solved by life lessons learned years ago. But you can’t get to those ah-ha moments without a little peace and solitude to reflect. Today, I’ll share a few of my life lesson moments that stick with me, even now, as a professional in business, as a mom, as a

The Ill Effects Of Micromanaging

Some people like to be in control. They are often successful. But in business, control can lead to micromanaging.