AI in Writing: What Today’s Marketers Need to Know

Innovation is king, especially in business. And if you’re not on the right side of innovation, your business is heading for obsoletion in a hurry. But not all technology is going to be a magic wand solution. And no matter how bright and shiny it is, it might not be a good fit for your company, your business model, or your bottom line. One such wave of technology that’s sweeping the marketing community right now by storm is artificial intelligence tools for content.

Content is the new currency, and you know that without it, whether in the form of social posts, blogs, newsletters, or web copy, you’re doomed for failure. But who has time for all that writing and creative strategy?

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AI content tools are all the rage right now, aiming to do all the writing for you. But savvy marketers know not to be swayed by the shiny new objects. Yes, many of these new tools serve a valuable purpose in business. But, like with any new technology, you’ll want to be mindful and selective – not impulsive. And while many of these new AI content tools are pretty brilliant, they have a lot of flaws still. Here’s what today’s marketing professionals need to know about AI in writing, AI in content creation, and AI in your business model.

TLDR: AI is a great assistant. It’s NOT ready to replace anyone on your marketing team. And it certainly can’t be left on its own to engage your customers.

What AI Tools Are Available Right Now

If you start searching for available AI writing tools online, you’ll be inundated with options. And based on the user reviews and tech industry best-of lists, these tend to be the most popular right now. Know that each provides something different, some are free, and the AI involved is still learning. This list is not by any means exhaustive. But it demonstrates those tools that marketing professionals and business owners are turning to first to see if there’s a better content creation solution.


You’ll be hard-pressed NOT to see the buzz about ChatGPT these days. OpenAI’s latest free AI tool has the ability to “generate human-like” content. Everyone’s loving how quick, efficient, customizable, and cost-effective it is. And it’s being hailed as the next big advancement in AI-generated content. Marketers and content creators alike are flocking to it like a moth to a flame. There is a whole other industry segment forming around it, too, with ChatGPT training, guides, and applications.


You might presume Grammarly is just a grammar tool. But it’s AI, too, with new levels of AI content assistance that most content creators and businesses can’t live without these days. Instead of generating content for you, like some of the others, Grammarly is your best friend in selecting the right words, maintaining writing style, and formatting. But there are Flesch reading ease assessments and plagiarism checkers, too.


This is a more advanced AI writing tool with a full suite of content-generating features, from social media posts to full-fledged article writing. Format resumes, reword existing content, or command it to write for you. It’s a pricier model, but it certainly brings all the AI to one convenient solution platform. And thousands of writers swear by its capabilities in creating all kinds of content.


This versatile AI writer is another content generator with loads of languages and capabilities. It’s best suited to marketing-related content and is relatively easy to use. But like Jasper and ChatGPT, you’ll still need to supervise any generated content for validity, accuracy, punctuation, and plagiarism.


This AI copywriting solution is a great sales tool, generating and optimizing content used in campaigns and initiatives. Ads, social posts, email campaigns, landing page copy, and sales messages are a breeze with this AI tool’s “Predictive Performance Scores” and more. It also offers custom integrations for your landing pages and web copy.


This automated writing assistant is more suitable for creating copy-edited content and helping creators improve their writing output. It’s an AI platform with a library of phrases and suggestions. Be more precise and effective with your content using Rytr. And get better word choice and selections on the fly while you check for punctuation and grammar.


Simplified is another wildly popular app among content creators and marketing pros. It’s a one-stop-shop platform for all things marketing, including copy, video creation, social publishing, collaboration, note-taking, and AI writing tools. There are templates and brand kits, too. Create unlimited workspaces and get creative with your teams, using AI content for inspiration.

Article Forge

Article Forge is another writing assistant that cranks out fast and fairly accurate text. Prepare to do more editing than with some of the other tools. But you’ll appreciate its ability to work on various platforms, its lightning-fast speed, and its easy integration with WordPress. Just be ready to do more editing than you’d like. And while it’s super-easy to use, most say it tends to “repeat itself” in content creation.


Content creators love WordAI’s bulk article updates, allowing you to integrate more content. And its big feature, the “spun content,” is a great AI-writing assistant for longer text projects. It’s an easy-to-use platform with solid integrations. But again, you’re going to have to keep a keen eye on editing for accuracy.

Other AI-Writing Tools to Explore

In addition to these few more popular AI platforms, there are even more to consider. Remember, each comes with its own core features. And they’ll all require supervision in editing for punctuation and plagiarism.

  • Scalenut
  • LongShot AI
  • Wordtune
  • TextCortex
  • AI Writer
  • Ink
  • Hypotenuse AI
  • CopySmith

What Problems They’re Great at Solving

These AI writing and content creation tools are revolutionary for a number of reasons. It boils down to saving time and money and stepping in with creative ideas for inspiration. If you need an outline to help you build a framework for your sales email campaigns, you can type a command and have something to work with within seconds. Get creative subject lines for those emails. Draft compelling calls to action without racking your brain. And you can go beyond emails to get a first rough draft for…

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Posts

Each AI tool is different in what it can do for your content. But generally, the AI scrubs available text on the web and uses your commands to generate fresh content. Most of them crank out text with incredible speed. So even if you have to edit and rework the copy, it can be time-saving for your teams.

What They’ll Never Be Able to Do

Where many writers, content creators, and marketers go wrong is when they put complete blind faith in an AI solution. They get comfortable thinking whatever the AI generates is good. And in reality, the AI can often make grammar mistakes, share data that’s unreliable or out of data, or inadvertently plagiarize existing content on the web. AI tools won’t replace writers and content creators. So, don’t rush out to disassemble your teams just because you’ve had some success with Jasper or ChatGPT.

Here’s the other caveat. AI won’t ever be able to think, converse, or react with human experience. So, if your content needs to be innovative or from a position of thought leadership, your AI tool isn’t going to offer the ground-breaking ideas you need. Yes, these tools can help you with outlines, headers, and structure of your content. But you will still need to intervene often, review and edit the text in a way that still captures your brand voice and writing style.

In short, you STILL need your content creators, your marketers, and your copywriting partners.

How to Choose the Best-Fit AI for Your Marketing and Content

The best approach for using AI involves setting and managing expectations. Know what these tools are able to do, along with their limits. From there, you can be selective about choosing those that bring value to your system and content creation. They can still save you time and money. And they still have the potential to be really helpful to your process. Consider these steps as you evaluate the use of AI tools for your business model.

Identify Your Content Pain Points First

Before you start shopping for AI content writers, sit down with your teams and evaluate your process. Look for the pain points first. Use those pain points to help you identify and prioritize the solutions you need from an AI tool. This will help you avoid AI tools that won’t be helpful. And it’s pivotal in choosing the best-fit solution.

Leverage Free Trials First

Even when you’ve narrowed your priorities, look for those AI tools that offer free trials. Usually, the free versions of these AI tools won’t have all the bells and whistles you need. However, trial periods are great for jumping in and experiencing the technology first-hand, so you can decide if it’s going to deliver what you need.

Check Reviews and Gather Feedback

Narrow down your AI writing tools and content options down to a top two or three. From there, you should take a deep dive into the online reviews and sentiments from others who’ve used it. And don’t just rely on the company-sponsored testimonials. Ask around in the forums and among your colleagues to inquire about experiences. There will be independent product and service reviews out there too, which are especially helpful for seeing the pros and cons of each AI tool.

Set and Manage Expectations

When you are ready to bring on a new AI content solution, set and manage expectations with your teams. Put policies in place that encourage the use of AI, but through an editor’s lens to make sure the results are perfect. And schedule routine audits of AI-generated content to spot errors or issues. Check-in with your marketing teams regularly to gather their feedback about what’s working and what’s not.

AI Tools Should Evolve with Your Business

Before choosing an AI writing tool, you’ll be keen to stick with your budget and your overall goals. But remember, too, you should only be adopting technology that has the capability to grow and scale with your needs. And this includes content assistants. Don’t sign up for new AI writing tools because they have lofty promises of content-made-easy. Don’t fall for the hype until you’ve identified your unique challenges and goals. Then you can make a more selective and careful decision about which AI tools will bring value to your content-related processes.

Ghost Blog Writers Knows Content

Here’s the other thing about all of these incredible AI writing tools and resources. They’re all essentially regurgitating the same information, albeit in line with your commands. Over time, with everyone using AI-generated content, the messages online are going to become overly saturated, watered-down, generic, and repetitive. Relying solely on AI is only going to dilute your message – whether it’s a blog, a social media campaign, or email sequencing.

Take it from us. We at Ghost Blog Writers know more than a thing or two about content creation. And while many of these AI writing tools can bring some great ideas, solutions, and efficiencies to your process, they’ll never replace the human perspective in writing. So, when you need content that really stands out from the online noise, content that compels your audience, content that converts, you need human writers.

And if you are bogged down internally, running short on time and creativity to write your own content, you can rely on our team of brilliant, HUMAN writers to augment your process. Let us help you write whatever content your business needs to excel, including blogs, articles, white papers, newsletters, press releases, sales campaigns, email sequencing, and social media posts!

Sure, AI writing tools are great. But they’ll never substitute for the problem-solving, thought leadership, and innovative content you’ll get from our group of writing wordsmiths.

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