22 Podcasts, Influencers & Thought Leaders You Should Be Following for Improving Leadership

As a business leader or professional in your given field, you understand the value of continued learning and adapting. You’re always exploring new ideas and soaking up knowledge that you can transform into applicable strategies for your business and leadership style. And some of the best advice you can find these days is among the top leadership influencers online and business podcasts.

But let’s be honest. The market is flooded with “leadership noise” from a whole bunch of people who really have no businesses offering advice, too. So, how can you get selective about which resources to follow?

Ta-da! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We perused the internet and scoured all the “best of” lists of podcasts, thought leaders, and leadership influencers. Scroll through this list of leadership and business motivators and see if you can find your new favorites!

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It seems like everyone with a following or a title is taking to the podcasting arena. And what once was reserved for top professionals has now become a flooded space of advice, insights, and best practices. And it makes sense. Podcasts are great venues for marketing and audience engagement.

It doesn’t mean you can’t still find the right-fit podcasts to help you along your leadership journey, though. In fact, there are plenty of great podcast hosts out there dishing out just what you need to hear, wherever you are on your leadership or business journey. You just need to know how to find them and develop a method for tuning into those conversations that apply to your situation.

Keep these tips in mind as you curate your best roster of leadership and business podcasts.

  • Don’t judge a podcast on one episode alone.
  • Look for reviews and rankings from other professionals.
  • Know what content you value most, preferably topics that always keep you learning.
  • Ask around. Chances are, those in similar professional growth stages as you will have some of their own favorite podcasts and influencers.
  • It’s ok to have more than one favorite and to change your mind as your leadership goals shift and change, as well.
  1. BizTok for TikTok

Businesses are still trying to wrangle results out of TikTok. And BizTok, with Kyle Kaplannis, is a great podcast worth tuning into for all the TikTok for biz tips you need. Weekly, Kyle interviews fellow entrepreneurs and marketers to discuss the latest trends and brilliant methods for marketing success on the widely engaging platform. And if you’re not always available for a listen, you can subscribe to the newsletter for trends and insights right to your inbox.

  1. TubeTalk

Are you looking for YouTube advice and video marketing tips? Check out TubeTalk, the weekly podcast that provides all the answers businesses and brands need to succeed with their official channels. Learn how to elevate your YouTube game and drive results. See what the latest YouTube updates are all about and how they might impact your content. And if you’re not into YouTube advice, someone else within your organization might be.

  1. The Influencer Podcast

Literal millions tune in to listen to Julie Solomon on The Influencer Podcast. Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and People, Julie is a monumental powerhouse influencer and coach. If you need a boost in mindset, productivity, leadership, and self-care, this is a podcast you’ll love to tune into every week.

  1. The Mel Robbins Podcast

Here’s another must-listen gem to add to your playlist – The Mel Robbins Podcast. Mel Robbins is the most sought-after female motivational speaker in the world, and she’s a 5x NYT bestselling author. Her fun, energetic, and no-nonsense approach to life, business, and change is revolutionary to so many. Whether you’re growing or coping, Mel delivers the kick-in-the-pants motivation you need.

  1. Creators on Air

Are you a creator of some kind? If you’re in marketing, the arts, or the creator economy, Creators on Air is a podcast must-listen. Discover advice about monetizing your audience, landing more sponsorships, or creating super-engaging content from actual creators who know. This is a great place to also stay up-to-date with the very latest in creator concepts.

  1. The Dynamic Leader Podcast

If you’re a leader, owner, or manager of any kind, tune into The Dynamic Leader Podcast with Shelley Flett. Listen to interviews with other revolutionary business leaders and influencers to uncover how to improve communication, build strategic partnerships, grow your own influence, lead by example, and transform how you engage as a leader. It’s a great podcast for those new to leadership as well as those who are aspiring to grow into more prominent leadership roles.

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Unless you’ve been completely isolated from the business or leadership space, you know the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk. Also known as Gary Vee, Gary is a global entrepreneur, CEO, investor, content-creating master, and recognized public speaker. He might drop an occasional profanity, which for many leaders is just another reason to love him. His advice on marketing, business development, growth, and entrepreneurship is worth its weight in gold! Add The GaryVee Audio Experience to your podcast list!

  1. Time for a Reset

Paul Frampton’s Time for a Reset podcast almost always finds its way to the “best of” lists for a reason. He interviews top business professionals and marketing savants to uncover and share secrets behind marketing in today’s ever-changing economic environment. Sustainability, marketing, profit vs. purpose, and organizational transformation are just a select few of the most recent episode topics to explore.

  1. Coaching for Leaders

If you subscribe to the idea that “leaders aren’t born; they’re made,” you definitely should tune into Coaching for Leaders with host Dave Stachowiak. If you’re looking for more inspirational nuggets of wisdom, rooted in relevant conversations, Dave delivers. These are the cutting-edge leadership episodes you’ll end up listening to more than once, too.

  1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

The interview roster on the How I Build This with Guy Raz podcast is downright stunning. We’re talking about the best-known business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. And Guy sits down with these CEOs, founders, and brand leaders for in-depth and profound advice. Learn about overcoming leadership fears and failures. Peel back the onion and discover what it really takes to succeed today.

  1. Scale or Die

Dave Rogenmoser, the host of the Scale or Die podcast, believes if you’re not planning to scale, you’re planning to fail. In today’s high-tech world, strategies for scaling your business are key. Innovations and technology drive how today’s businesses engage, sell, and grow. If you believe your business could use some tech enhancements, Dave will show you how. And you can learn all about the best when you tune into this incredible, tech-forward podcast.

  1. The Blogging Millionaire

If you’re more interested in staying on top of the latest Google SEO tactics, bounce rate reduction, and niche content strategies, check out The Blogging Millionaire podcast. Focused on improving online traffic through blogs and content, these insights are must-haves in your planning efforts. So much is changing with online engagement strategies. And this podcast always highlights the most pressing issues and challenges.

  1. The Business Leader Podcast

Hear some of the best business and leadership advice from global experts and entrepreneurs on The Business Leader Podcast. Cover topics that range from goal setting and media to scaling and high-growth business applications. This is a UK-based podcast with plenty of relevant and insightful advice for US businesses and beyond.

  1. Becker’s Women’s Leadership

Powered by Becker’s Healthcare, Becker’s Women’s Leadership Podcast seeks to elevate and explore conversations that lead to the empowerment of women in business and advanced opportunities. If you’re in a healthcare or wellness-related segment, these are incredible interviews with dynamic women in leadership. But even those not in a healthcare space can find value in these women-centric conversations and topics.

  1. The Authority Hacker

Dive in with hosts Gael Breton and Mark Webster as the two veteran marketers share all the insights and real-life applications needed to successfully market, grow, and scale your business. See what marketing pros are saying about AI in today’s strategies. Listen to interviews with top leaders who share their secrets of marketing success. And they’re always sharing additional resources to help you improve your content and methods. Give The Authority Hacker a listen!

  1. The EntreLeadership Podcasts

The EntreLeadership Podcast is the legendary Dave Ramsey’s podcast, with ALL the best practices and advice you need to achieve financial success. He’s a coach, CEO, bestselling author, and business leader mentor. And he takes calls and discusses real-life, real-time topics that everyone can find valuable in today’s world. Making the hard decisions, scaling your business, taking ownership of your own potential, and tackling business nightmares are just a few of Dave’s recent topics.

  1. Dare to Lead

Some leaders look for more psychological motivations behind purchasing decisions, customer behavior, and team management. If that’s you, check out the Dare to Lead podcast. Brené Brown takes listeners through insightful conversations with thought leaders like Simon Sinek, known for his TED Talk with more than 60 million views. Brown helps leaders explore the deeper motivations and behaviors that contribute to business experiences.

  1. A Bit of Optimism

Speaking of the legendary Simon Sinek, did you know he hosts A Bit of Optimism? This podcast delivers precisely what the name implies. It’s a spoonful of motivational wisdom and uplifting stories. But it’s not fluff – after all, it’s Simon Sinek. So, you know that it’s potentially going to be life-changing. Join Simon and his guests as he dives into leadership, business, life, love, and more.

  1. The Leadership Habit

The Crestcom Leadership Institute offers The Leadership Habit podcast, a great resource for new and aspiring leaders. Topics cover all matters of business, from being an effective and strong leader to developing resilience through tough times. Learn about ethics in leadership and how to forge your own leadership career path from this team of experts.

  1. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcasts

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is hosted by none other than the renowned Carey Nieuwhof. Carey is a lawyer turned pastor and is the founder of Connexus Church. His podcast discussions dive into the nuances of leadership, including team management, time management, work-life balance, and personal growth. If you’re looking for action steps to take in improving your leadership style and methods, this podcast is certainly worth a listen.

  1. Confessions of a B2B Marketer

This eye-opening podcast explores the complex nature of B2B marketing and seeks to uncover why some businesses achieve success, and others don’t. Host Tom Hunt takes a truth-seeking approach to better understand B2B marketing, demand generation, techniques, strategies, and more. Check out Confessions of a B2B Marketer for yourself and see which camp you fall into – and more importantly, identify the tips to ensure you become and stay successful with every marketing endeavor.

  1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

This TED Audio Collective podcast features Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, and his guests, who are some of the planet’s most intriguing minds. These conversations delve into discovering the work-life balance secrets every business leader wants to know. Tune in to WorkLife with Adam Grant and see what new techniques and strategies you can leverage in your own life.

Start Finding Your Best Podcasts and Influencers

Start exploring podcasts wherever you prefer to tune in and find your way to an improved leadership, professional, and personal life! This list of podcast suggestions is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available in the leadership space. And once you dive in, you’ll likely start finding all kinds of great leaders to start following regularly.

And when you’re ready to apply all that knowledge and start sharing your own advice as a thought leader, let Ghost Blog Writers help capture your voice! Our team of wordsmiths is ready to help you launch a blog series or any other content-related projects. Reach out when you’re ready to get started!

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