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10 Types Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a long time. Even before the Internet. But the Internet has allowed for even more influencer marketing. Here is an overview of the different types and opportunities.

March 21, 2018By

10 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

Websites can look...shady sometimes. Here are some good tips on how to make yours trustworthy to potential customers.

March 7, 2018By

Are You Advertising Yourself Too Much On Your Own Website?

This is one of the biggest issues I see on websites and in content marketing including blogs.

March 5, 2018By

10 Ways To Increase Word Count Without Adding Fluff

Are you looking to increase your word count with your content? It's not a bad idea, but you have to be careful. Here are tips for increasing word count without adding fluff.

February 28, 2018By

How To Use Outbound Links Effectively

One of the most common questions I see when it comes to content marketing is in regards to using outbound links. Let's explore some great ways to use outbound links.

February 26, 2018By

20 Hashtags To Use On LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn? Are you posting content to LinkedIn? If so, that's great! Here is a way to supercharge your LinkedIn content so you reach more people.

February 19, 2018By

Why SEO Plugins & Guidelines Are A Little Dangerous

If you're interested in SEO and have a blog you probably have one of the SEO plugins.

February 12, 2018By

Why You Should Create Content That Has Nothing To Do With Your Business

You might be thinking about your content a little backwards.

February 5, 2018By

Why Timeless Content Is Almost Always The Way To Go

What kind of content are you creating for your website, blog, social media accounts?

January 15, 2018By

You’re Overthinking Your Sales Copy

I see this once in awhile and so this post is just a little word of advice. You certainly don't need to take it.

January 12, 2018By