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10 Conversation Starters (If You Don’t Consume The News)

I'm not the best conversationalist. And I've had plenty of bad conversations with people that think they're good, but aren't. Here are a few things I've picked up along the way about good conversations.

January 2, 2019By

How To Force Yourself To Make Decisions

Are you having trouble making decisions? It's something I notice more as I get older. I think there is a reason for it and a way to get past it.

December 31, 2018By

When Something Becomes Easy The Brain Shuts Down

There are some interesting things that happen when a skill becomes ordinary.

December 21, 2018By

10 Ways To Stop Complaining About Your Business Situation

It's not going to help get the business where you want it to go.

December 19, 2018By

Saving Is A Great Life Hack

Looking for an advantage in business and in life? Save money.

December 14, 2018By

10 Ways Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of actions. The saying is that communication is important. But maybe the saying doesn't refer to verbal communication...

December 12, 2018By

The Trouble With Not Suffering Fools Gladly

It's okay to be smart. It's okay to demand the best from people. But there is a trap with both and that is not being patient with people.

December 10, 2018By

Great Leaders Often Go Through Great Pain

It's easy to let a tragedy keep you from moving forward. I can't even imagine what some people have gone through. But there is a common thread among many successful people...

November 16, 2018By

How Fear Can Drive Growth In Other Areas

Are you deathly afraid to do something? In business or perhaps in life? People will tell you to face that fear. Maybe...but there is another way to use it to fuel growth and success...

November 14, 2018By

Finding A Positive Way To Create Your Own Stories

Storytelling is difficult. One of the reasons why it's difficult is because we avoid the struggle that creates a good story.

November 9, 2018By