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How To Go From Content Consumer To Content Creator

If you're looking to get the most out of life then looking to create more could be the answer.

March 20, 2019By

One-Year Olds Are More Willing To Learn Than Adults

There is no reason to stop learning.

March 15, 2019By

The Superhero Myth

Why do so many people like superhero movies?

March 1, 2019By

7 Steps For Quitting A Job To Start A Business

Think you're ready to quit your job to start a business? Here are a few steps I followed and maybe one or two that I would change or add.

February 20, 2019By

Don’t Be Afraid To Copy What Another Business Does Well

This is one of my favorite stories about the business world.

February 15, 2019By

10 Classic Business Quotes From Herb Kelleher

Here are some great quotes to use for life and for business. From one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the late 20th Century.

February 13, 2019By

The 5-Hour Rule For Life

A good way to look at trying new things. Really trying them to see if they're worth putting more effort into.

February 8, 2019By

Text Message Abbreviations Started With Telegrams

Language is always changing. Shortening words in texts is nothing new.

January 25, 2019By

7 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up After A Bad Day At Work

Not feeling the best after a long day at work? We all have our ways of decompressing. But here are a few that work pretty well for most people.

January 18, 2019By

10 Conversation Starters (If You Don’t Consume The News)

I'm not the best conversationalist. And I've had plenty of bad conversations with people that think they're good, but aren't. Here are a few things I've picked up along the way about good conversations.

January 2, 2019By