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10 Benefits Of Answering Target Customer Questions

You'll often hear about Thought Leadership. Providing value. Those are pretty vague terms. Here is one way to do both and why it's beneficial to all involved.

December 13, 2017By

10 BS Excuses We Use To Hold Ourselves Back From Success

Does it seem like you haven't taken your business or yourself to the levels you want? Here are some of the excuses you could be making without even realizing it.

November 15, 2017By

How To Deal With Awkward Interviews & Conversations

If you're in business you're going to deal with awkward situations. Even in everyday life there will be awkward conversation. Here are some tips for dealing with it.

November 6, 2017By

Start By Assuming That People Are Smart

A little flip of your thinking can open up some great possibilities.

November 3, 2017By

How To Avoid Presentation Fear

Are you in a leadership position, but fear giving presentations? Here are some tips.

October 30, 2017By

10 Quick Ways To Sharpen Your Focus

Focus is everything in life. Especially in today's world of distraction.

October 18, 2017By

10 Ways To Get Advice From Mentors Without Ever Meeting One In Person

One of the best ways to improve in whatever you're doing is to look to mentors for wisdom. But do you really need a formal relationship with a mentor? Not necessarily...

September 13, 2017By

10 Business Lessons From David Geffen

David Geffen is successful. Perhaps notorious. Maybe ruthless. I admire what he accomplished and here are some lessons from his life.

September 6, 2017By

My Rule For Grammar & Punctuation

This is one of my favorite rules. It might be a bit contrarian, but it works.

September 4, 2017By

10 Tips For Slowing Down Your Decision Making

It seems that our society values quick thinking. But would we be better off focusing on slow thinking? Slow decision making?

August 16, 2017By