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10 Ways To Switch To Long-Term Thinking

Some of the most successful people I know take time with their decisions. And they really think to the long-term. They try to take emotion out of it. Here are some ways to switch to long-term thinking.

April 4, 2018By

10 Questions That Lead To Better Conversations

The best leaders and the best people are usually great conversationalists. What are their secrets? Here are some insights.

March 28, 2018By

How To Get Better Understanding & Action From Emails & Text Messages

We're doing more communicating via text. Emails, text messages and even social media. Getting your message across and acted upon is tricky unless you know a few tricks.

March 26, 2018By

10 Things That Make Your Team Members Angry

For the most part you don't want to make your team angry. Here are some things that will turn them off (and possibly away).

February 14, 2018By

10 Career Tips For The Next 20 Years

Life is going to change in the coming years. Don't fear the change. Embrace it.

February 7, 2018By

10 Ways To Help Your Remote Workers Find Focus

Management is tricky. Remote worker management is even trickier. Here are some tips for helping your team to focus.

January 31, 2018By

10 Restrictions That Could Change Your Life

Could we all benefit from putting restrictions on ourselves? Here are a few ideas.

January 24, 2018By

Help Your Team Get To Where They Want In Their Careers

Do you look at your employees as just cogs in the machine? Or do you help them get to where they want to be in life?

January 19, 2018By

10 Benefits Of Answering Target Customer Questions

You'll often hear about Thought Leadership. Providing value. Those are pretty vague terms. Here is one way to do both and why it's beneficial to all involved.

December 13, 2017By

10 BS Excuses We Use To Hold Ourselves Back From Success

Does it seem like you haven't taken your business or yourself to the levels you want? Here are some of the excuses you could be making without even realizing it.

November 15, 2017By