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How To Name A Startup Business

So you're looking to launch a new startup business. What will you name it? Here are some tips for not overthinking things.

September 24, 2018By

10 Ways To Beat Information Overload

Does it seem like you have too much information? Especially as a businessperson? Here are a few suggestions...

June 27, 2018By

Why Do Entrepreneurs Tell Others “Don’t Do What I Did”

Something unique about entrepreneurs is they're often not aware of why they're successful.

June 15, 2018By

Will That Tool Really Help Your Business?

There are a lot of software tools available today. From my point of view I think we overuse them. I think we make business processes more complicated than we need to...

June 13, 2018By

10 “Old” Businesses That Offer Great Opportunities

Looking for a new business opportunity? Maybe the best place to look isn't for a "new" idea...

May 16, 2018By

LinkedIn Might Be Your Best Professional Opportunity Right Now

Wondering where you can have the most impact online as an entrepreneur? It's probably on LinkedIn...

April 27, 2018By

How To Run A Small Business Without An Office

Do you need an office to run a successful small business? Here are some tips for getting away with it.

April 16, 2018By

10 Ways To Switch To Long-Term Thinking

Some of the most successful people I know take time with their decisions. And they really think to the long-term. They try to take emotion out of it. Here are some ways to switch to long-term thinking.

April 4, 2018By

What Is A Local Business

This is a question that is important for entrepreneurs to ponder as we move into a time when the entire world is connected.

April 2, 2018By

How To Get Better Understanding & Action From Emails & Text Messages

We're doing more communicating via text. Emails, text messages and even social media. Getting your message across and acted upon is tricky unless you know a few tricks.

March 26, 2018By