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Don’t Feel Bad About Your Bad Work

Nobody is perfect. It doesn't even pay to try. Here is a thought that can help shift your mindset to free you to work.

November 12, 2018By

What Are You Selling?

There can be a hesitancy to create and share content for free online. It's work. And it's normal to feel that work should be rewarded. But there is a bigger picture reward if you can change your mindset.

November 7, 2018By

The #1 Key To Apple’s Great Marketing

A lot has been made about the Apple product launches over the years. Their big events. But much of the focus has been on the event...

October 26, 2018By

How To Handle Client Cancellations

It happens for every business. Clients churn. They leave. How you handle it could determine future success.

October 22, 2018By

When Something Stops Being The “New Thing” It’s Time To Invest

Is something that you've been hearing about kind of fading from the headlines? Now may be the perfect time to start digging in more...

October 19, 2018By

What’s The Goal Of A Personal Brand?

You've probably heard about the need for a personal brand. What does that mean and why do you need to create one? Here is a look into the topic...

October 15, 2018By

How To Discover Your Competitive Advantage

It's easy to get caught up focusing on your weaknesses. Focusing on your strengths can lead to better and bigger results. But what if you don't know your strengths? Here is some insight into finding them...

October 8, 2018By

I Like What The Athletic Is Doing

The Athletic is going all in on their subscription model. Will it work? It seems to be on the right track for now.

September 28, 2018By

How To Name A Startup Business

So you're looking to launch a new startup business. What will you name it? Here are some tips for not overthinking things.

September 24, 2018By

10 Ways To Beat Information Overload

Does it seem like you have too much information? Especially as a businessperson? Here are a few suggestions...

June 27, 2018By