How to Ensure You’re on a Growth Path & Not Stagnating

How to Ensure You’re on a Growth Path & Not StagnatingAnyone with a personal growth plan is sure to hit certain plateaus from time to time. That’s normal.

But stagnation is far more pernicious, settling in and making home in our lives when we’re not even aware of it. We can go months and even years thinking we’re doing all the right things on our growth path, only to discover we’re getting nowhere.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re on a growth path? Here are several actions to explore.

Take Calculated Risks

Some say go out and make all the mistakes – it will lead to more growth. Others say avoid failure when and where you can.

Both perspectives are valuable. But there is a meaningful balance in between.

Taking calculated risks means looking at the potential consequences of risky behavior and accounting for all possible downsides before taking the action. If the potential upsides outweigh the potential risks, then it’s well worth exploring the opportunity.

If you take no risks, you’re at risk of stagnating. Sure, risks don’t always pan out. You might end up disappointing a client or losing some money. Many undesirable things can come from risk taking. But you will learn something valuable from the experience every time, and it can lead to valuable breakthroughs too.

If the risk pays off – it’s time to pop the champagne!

Expand Your Strengths

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell hammers home the idea that working on your weaknesses isn’t of much value. The only problem? We can get complacent constantly working in our strengths!

So, here are some worthwhile ideas on how to expand your strengths:

  • If you speak two languages already, try learning a third.
  • If you play one musical instrument, begin learning another.
  • If you’re confident expressing yourself in the written word, try your hand at public speaking.
  • If you know your way around WordPress, study how to use a new WordPress theme, or learn how to use another Content Management System (CMS).

Customize this list to yourself. What are your strengths? What opportunities are there to expand them? Explore all possible, worthwhile vignettes.

Take a Course

There are plenty of courses out there, and if you’re an ambitious individual, there’s a good chance you’ve engaged in your share of home study programs already.

But it may be time to try a different kind of course – one that isn’t in the purely self-directed, take it at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home vein.

Get involved in a program that challenges you – one where you’re responsible for the success of others, where you must be accountable for your own performance, where you must be in communication with others in the program.

These programs will stretch you in ways not even expected.

Final Thoughts

We often assume that growth only comes from doing more, but don’t ignore the growth that comes from saying “no,” choosing to take breaks when you usually work, taking the occasional Monday off to head out to the mountains, pursuing romantic relationships, and more.

Too much personal development can lead to stagnation too. When you don’t have variety in life, you may not grow in the ways you need. So, balance it all out with life because life is a school all its own.

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