How to Grow on Twitter in 2023 & Beyond

How to Grow on Twitter in 2023 & Beyond
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Much has been said about Twitter’s future and whether it’s even relevant to marketers anymore.

Hootsuite has curated multiple stats that might have you thinking twice about such cavalier statements about Twitter:

  • Twitter is the ninth most visited website globally
  • Their user base is expected to grow to an upwards of 335 million in 2023
  • 85% of Twitter users earn more than $30,000 and 34% earn $75,000 or above
  • Almost half of Twitter’s audience consumes news regularly on the platform
  • 54% of Twitter’s audience are more likely to purchase new products
  • And more

So, how can you ensure you’re on a growth path for 2023 and beyond? Read on.

Pay Attention to Trending Hashtags

At first brush, this will seem like trite advice. If you can newsjack, use trending hashtags in your tweets, comment on popular tweets, and so on, you will see your account grow. Ever heard that before?

Well, it’s not untrue, but it’s not strategic, and the growth you do experience will probably be slow.

To offer a specific example, I keep a close watch on the #WritingCommunity, #writerslift, and #BookTwitter hashtags (because I’m a writer).

Tweets marked with these tags are almost always highly engaged, as they encourage the sharing of blog posts and books in the community.

I’ve even created a tweet of my own, that rolls out on a weekly basis, to encourage similar sharing. Usually, I see anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 impressions on these tweets. I always see my following increase too.

Look for highly engaged hashtags in your niche or industry for best results.

Build Your Inner Community

If you want to grow on Twitter, don’t go it alone.

Whether it’s personal contacts, influencers, other brands, or otherwise, look for connections you can collaborate with to grow each other’s accounts.

There’s nothing quite like a retweet when it comes to growing your Twitter presence, because it boosts your tweets in the algorithm and increases your visibility (especially since you’ll be showing up on other people’s accounts).

So, build your inner community, and agree to retweet each other’s posts, once per day, or once every other day, for maximum benefit.

Buy More Attention Strategically

As I mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to grow your account is with retweets. Using trending hashtags can help you grow. Getting retweets from your inner community can also help you grow.

But one thing many digital marketers don’t realize is they can also buy retweets. And, in this case, we’re not just talking about ads.

The idea here would be to look for accounts with a following that’s a step or two ahead of yours. Reach out to them directly and ask them how much they would charge for a retweet.

In most cases, you should only need to spend $30 to $60, and if you’re spending more, it should only be for a retweet from a bigger, much more engaged account.

Final Thoughts

Growing on Twitter will seem like an uphill battle until you figure out a few things. Tweeting more alone will only take you so far. You’ve got to use relevant hashtags, build your inner community, and pay for more attention to maximize your growth.

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