How To Find Time For Personal Improvement

One of the keys to happiness and fulfillment in life is growth. Or call it personal improvement. One of the issues, though, is finding the time for it. Especially if you’re working a lot.

The Nine-Year Itch

We don’t often think as far as nine years ahead. We get on a roll, good or bad, and kind of go with the flow. Life kind of resets every nine years whether we control it or not.

The Zen Of Darts

Have you ever played darts? There is something basic and primal about it. And there is much that can be applied to life…

10 Purpose and Passion Quotes

We often struggle with our purpose for doing something. Maybe we believe there should be passion in all our actions. Here are some quotes to help sort through the noise.

Are You Resisting Change?

If we look back we can see that change is good. That’s it’s going to occur whether we like it not. The downfall for many is resisting change.

Understand Your Hot Buttons

What are your hot button issues? The more you reflect on these the better you’ll be able to control your emotions.