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How to Develop Client Rapport With a Small Business Blog

For small businesses, rapport is an important element in client relations. Large companies might be able to get away without connecting with clients, but for small businesses it’s a must. That’s where the opportunity is for small businesses that blog.

How Valuable Are Blog Comments?

One question we get at GBW involves blog commenting. When it comes to business blogging and making money do comments really matter?

Looking for a Silver Bullet? Blogging Is Not For You

Are you looking for a silver bullet that will bring instant success to your business? Are you in search of the ultimate trick or tip for online marketing success? Sorry. Business blogging isn’t for you…

3 Reasons Why People Won’t Blog (And How to Get Them To)

One of the most difficult things for a business today is getting people to blog. You know business blogging is a great way to grow your traffic and sales, but now you need writers. Here is why your employees won’t blog and what you can do about it.

The Marketing Ladders Approach to Blogging

Marketing ladders is a concept of offering different levels of products and services to customers. These products typically have different pricing options with varying levels of appeal to different customers. Here is how you can use that approach with your business blog…

What Modern Marketers Expect From The Marketing Executive

As a marketing executive, you’re always looking for the best talent. With much of today’s marketing taking place online it’s essential to have top online marketers. Here is what those people are looking for in a marketing executive.

Items to Check Off The List of This Year’s Marketing Audit

Companies regularly perform marketing audits. It could be every couple years, annually or even more often during the year. Here is what I’ve gone through at GBW to knock off the checklist for this year’s marketing audit.

Why Is Marketing Important?

Why is marketing important? It’s a basic question, but it can’t be ignored. Let’s dig into the details.

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