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10 Essential Internet Sales Lead Strategies

The Internet has made it easier for small businesses to take on the bigger competition. Here are the most essential forms of getting Internet sales leads for small businesses.

Small Business Lead Nurturing Strategies

These strategies are for small businesses that have time, but little money. Earn leads in ways the larger firms can’t and win over the target client.

Is Blogging Meant to Replace Conversations?

Some people feel blogging will never replace a phone call. That view is skewed and it’s dangerous if your customers are reading blogs. Because if they don’t know about your business you’ll never get their business.

Opportunity Knocks When People Laugh

We’ll give FedEx the benefit of the doubt on this one, but we’ll still use their recent commercial to discuss the social media opportunity.

My 5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes…so far

I love the commercial for the insurance company that plays the song “Human”. We’re only human and we all make mistakes. Here are the five biggest blogging mistakes I’ve made…so far…

Has The Internet Destroyed Customer Loyalty?

Some think the Internet has destroyed customer loyalty. The idea is that with all the choice on the Internet, people don’t need to remain loyal to one company. Here are my thoughts…

Get Over The Fear of Sharing Tips and Tactics

Businesses struggle with the idea of blogging sometimes because they fear sharing tips and tactics. The fear is that by sharing this information the company will make itself useless to clients. It’s time to get over this fear for a few reasons…

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