Rethink What You Do First Every Morning

So I used to think it was best to do the most unwanted thing first in the morning. In fact, I used to do this as a kid, but now I think that’s exactly what you shouldn’t every morning. Here is a slight tweak to thinking about productivity.

You Might Want To Hire People With This Trait

Are you looking to hire more people this year? It’s something that’s always on my mind. And a new study shows that hiring a certain type of person could be better.

Why You Need More High Level Business Thought Time

It’s hard for entrepreneurs and managers to see the value in business tasks that don’t directly generate profit. But it’s important to make time for these “High Level Business Thought Times”. Here is how to do it and feel good about doing it.

3 Tricks To Get More Done Each Day

It’s hard to get everything done during the day. Here are some of the tricks I use to be more productive while still having time for the couple things I love doing.

How To Avoid Entrepreneur Depression

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. It’s usually not an issue for me, but there have been times when you feel down. Here is an interesting study about how to avoid those feelings.

Analyzing The Top Business Blogs

Today we’re taking a look at the top business blogs about business. These blogs have unique strategies that make them appealing to business owners. Now those owners can learn from their favorite blogs to create unique blogs of their own.

Fortune 500 Companies Ignore Blogging

A recent study shows that Fortune 500 companies are ignoring blogging while putting much effort into other social media activities like Facebook and Twitter. While experimenting with these massive communities it’s difficult to see companies not putting effort into blogging where they can take advantage of branding opportunities while adding value to their own entity rather than a 3rd party website or application…