Should You Chase Your Passion?

It seems that most people have been told to chase their passion in life. I’m not sure if the original intent was to chase your passion with your work, but that’s kind of what the interpretation has morphed into these days. But maybe chasing your passion through your work is not the best way to find success.

Entrepreneur Hack: Cut Notifications Out Of Your Life

As a marketer, one of the biggest things you have with people is the ability or even the permission to interrupt someone. That’s a big deal. If you can earn trust with someone that’s great, but this post is about how you get away from notifications and interruptions. It can really cut into your time as an entrepreneur.

The Benefits Of Delayed Gratification For Entrepreneurs

How are you with delaying gratification? It’s a challenge in business because there are a number of decisions you make every day and it’s easy to make decisions for today. Heck, sometimes it’s hard to even think about tomorrow, but studies have shown that delaying gratification can be beneficial in life and in business.

Getting Too Specific Can Be A Downfall For Entrepreneurs

The Base Rate Fallacy is one that has people focusing too much on specific items instead of paying attention to more important general information. I think entrepreneurs are more likely to fall victim. Here is how to avoid it.

How The Clustering Illusion Can Affect Entrepreneurs

Have you heard of the Clustering Illusion? If you’ve ever gambled even a little bit you’ve probably experienced it. And the trouble is that this illusion can affect your mindset when certain things occur in business. Knowing so can help you prepare and avoid the pitfalls.

5 Steps To Getting More Engagement On Social Media

Are you struggling to get more engagement on social media? Here are my steps for getting more engagement on the various social media sites out there. Hopefully these are practical steps you can take to get results.

Rethink What You Do First Every Morning

So I used to think it was best to do the most unwanted thing first in the morning. In fact, I used to do this as a kid, but now I think that’s exactly what you shouldn’t every morning. Here is a slight tweak to thinking about productivity.

You Might Want To Hire People With This Trait

Are you looking to hire more people this year? It’s something that’s always on my mind. And a new study shows that hiring a certain type of person could be better.

Why You Need More High Level Business Thought Time

It’s hard for entrepreneurs and managers to see the value in business tasks that don’t directly generate profit. But it’s important to make time for these “High Level Business Thought Times”. Here is how to do it and feel good about doing it.