Don’t Ignore Your Business Website

When I first got into business it was a very real thing that some businesses would forgo a website in favor of social media. All these later, it’s still a question.

3 Ways To Get Clients As A Freelancer

In 2010, I became a part-time freelance blog writer. I wasn’t really seeking it out, but it kind of came about after I’d been blogging as a hobby for a little over a year. After that, I started getting more curious about bringing on more clients.

Franchisors: Understand What Potential Franchisees Want

Getting new franchisees is excited for a business owner and manager. It means growth. It means success. But there is also risk. One is making sure you bring on the right people. And that requires knowing what the best candidates actually want.

The Best Business Discount Is Free

Nobody is saying you should give your product away for free. But doing it selectively is usually the best way to discount what you’re selling.

8 Content Manager Interview Questions

The demand for content managers continues to grow. Here is a little insight into the questions to ask if you’re looking to hire for the role.