How You’re Creating Your Own World & How to Change it

How You're Creating Your Own World & How to Change it
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Sometimes, we have a hard time believing it. But it’s true. We are each creating our own worlds.

And the most challenging part for most is accepting that no matter what we might be experiencing, we’ve had a hand in creating it.

Rather than obsessing over what has happened, however, your energy would be better spent changing your course for the better. Here’s how.

Use Your Attention Wisely

Whatever you give your attention to expands.

Case in point:

Try very hard not to think of a pink elephant right now. What did you think of? A pink elephant, right? And now it’s growing in your awareness.

Whatever you’ve given your attention to has largely determined the course of your life to this point.

There are two keys to using your attention wisely. Adopt these habits to take the wheel:

  • Focus on desired outcomes. Many people say they are focusing on what they want when they are either focusing on what they don’t want or the absence of what they want. Your feelings will always tell you whether you’re really focusing on what you want, so trust your feelings.
  • Focus on new things. Very rarely do we put our attention on anything other than what is in front of us. It becomes a habit. No wonder our lives often appear monotonous and repetitive. Try putting your attention on the trees outside the window, your car’s steering wheel or the cat wandering the neighborhood. Practice putting your attention on things you wouldn’t normally set it on and do this often.

Embrace Seemingly “Negative” Events

I’ve observed that the most successful people tend to embrace every circumstance or event as positive.

And on my personal development journey, I eventually came to understand that all events are neutral. We’re the ones labeling them as either “positive” or “negative.”

So, we need to condition our habitual responses to “negative” events, as they may very well be bringing us in the direction of our desires.

I’ll say it another way – breakdowns are always opportunities for breakthroughs!

When something “bad” happens, say “This is good,” even if you don’t know how or why. Don’t let the event disrupt your joy, Zen, or calm. If you are focused on the right things, trust that you’re on the shortest path to getting what you want, and that some turbulence on the ride is inevitable.

Trust Your Imagination

Have you ever heard that the mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination? It’s true.

Many professional athletes are known to use visualization techniques along with regular practice to prepare for competitions. And those who do both are inevitably more effective than those who only do one or the other.

“But why does it seem like my visualizations never become reality?”

The answer is usually, “Because you’ve doubted your imagination.” If you do not doubt your imagination, it is reality.


There is no need to change reality by force. This tends to create more resistance, making it difficult to set yourself on a desired path. All that’s required is faith. So, once you’ve made your wish, go on your way. Get back to work. Live your life as normal. Because whatever you’ve asked for is already reality. There’s no need to try to control the process.

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