Dayne Shuda

Why January Is My Favorite Month

Life is about routines. We create them with intention. And if we don’t they kind of make their way into our lives anyway.

How To Drive Long-Term Website Traffic

Long-term website traffic can be a key to a successful business. It’s not an easy thing to do, but that also presents and opportunity. Easy come, easy go, but if if you build something long-term it can be difficult to take away.

How To Respond To Curveballs In Business Relationships

Part of life is working with other people. Even if you’re working remotely you’re still communicating with people. Even if you are self-employed you’re working with others. Have you ever noticed that some people throw you curveballs?

The Daily Tasks For Bloggers

What does a blogger do during a regular work day? It’s a little more than just sitting in front of a blank screen and letting the words roll out.

7 Ways Blog Posts Build Awareness for a Business

Blog posts can do a few things for a business. One, and perhaps the most sought after, is their ability to raise awareness for a business or for a brand. Here are a few ways a blog post can accomplish this.

5 Ways Marketers Can Reduce Stress

I’ve been in marketing for over ten years. A lot has changed during that time and I’ve noticed that many marketers are feeling the impact of stress.