Dayne Shuda

Are You Resisting Change?

If we look back we can see that change is good. That’s it’s going to occur whether we like it not. The downfall for many is resisting change.

Are You Ascending?

Success seems to be partly based on the ability to ascend to something.

10 Business Quotes About Success

It’s the big and little things in life that often affect us. Little things can often change our course and lead to success. Even something as seemingly small as reading quotes can lead to a change.

How To Inspire Motivation As A Leader In Business

One of the core requirements of a leader is to inspire those around them to be better. To motivate them to improve. That’s not easy. There seems to be no clear cut course of action. But these tips seem to be fairly universal.

What Is Accountability In Leadership?

Accountability is a bit of a buzzword in the business world. Here is a little insight into what it means for leaders in organizations.

5 Ways To Write Better Blog Comments

Commenting on blogs had a big surge in popularity about 10 years ago. Then there was the inevitable backlash from spam and abuse. Then social media cut into it a bit. But it still has value including value for businesses and marketers.

How To Start A Technical Blog

Many businesses are in technical industries. Is it more difficult to start a blog in these areas? Yes, in some ways. But it also offers a great opportunity.