Dayne Shuda

How A New Blog Can Build Backlinks

Links or backlinks to your website continue to be important when it comes to SEO and online search. That will likely continue. But what if you’re a new blog…can you still build links?

Social Media Is A Tool

There are a lot of tools in the world. Tools that help people accomplish great things. But you don’t have to know how to use them all to be great.

Do You Have “This Is It” Syndrome

Success can be a strange thing. It’s difficult to know why you’re doing something. It’s easy to find motivation that doesn’t stick.

Find Someone To Model Yourself After

Humans are really good at identifying the actions of others. Even when we don’t realize it. So be careful who you model yourself after.

7 Myths About Being Your Own Boss

There are advantages to being your own boss. But there are some that get inflated a bit and it can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Is It Worthwhile To Apply for Small Business Awards

Applying for small business awards and getting involved in the politics can be draining on your energy bank. There is no guarantee for it to pay off either. So are they worth applying for at all?