How To Be Curious About Your Work

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Curiosity has many benefits. It seems that children are wired to be curious. They’re learning all kinds of new things. Watching my daughter grow up has been fun. She’s always asking questions. She’s always exploring things. At home. At the park. In the woods. It’s really neat to watch.

It’s kind of sparked my own curiosity.

I remember being the same way when I was a kid. I loved being outside. I loved reading. I loved listening to people talk about their lives. Including their work.

Not everyone keeps that curiosity as they grow older. But it seems that those that are able to keep at least some of it continue to learn and improve at a variety of aspects. Including their work.

1. Ask yourself why the boss is asking you to do something.

Why is the biggest questions with curiosity. You obviously ask all the questions when it comes to being curious. But as an adult and in a work setting it seems that why is important. It helps you put yourself in the place of the other person.

So in the case of your boss, try to figure out whey they’re doing what they do. Assume they are a smart person and very good at their job. They are likely making the decision for a very good reason. Try to understand what the reasoning is. Talk to them about it. Try to listen and go into the situation with curiosity.

This can strengthen the relationship you have with your boss and it can lead to some great understanding of the job that can lead to better performance and advancement.

2. Ask yourself why that coworker is acting a that way.

Do the same thing with your coworkers. Try to get into their place to figure out how they see the world. Sit with them at lunch and get to know them. See if you can understand their motivation. At work. At life. The more you know the better that relationship will likely be.

And it should also lead to some good learning as well. You can learn from them. You can learn from just about all of your coworkers. About work, but also about life.

And if you have good relationships with the people you work with it will likely lead to better team outcomes. And that’s usually good for all involved.

3. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way about something.

Now take some effort to see why you’re feeling a certain way. Why are you feeling apathetic to your work lately? Why are you feeling a certain way about your coworkers? Why can’t you do something? Why are you hesitant to learn the new process or software?

The more you understand yourself the better you can react in certain situations. And the better you can interact with your coworkers.

Final Thought

Curiosity is a great thing. Think about the people in your life that seem to have the most of it. They are probably pretty upbeat and happy most of the time. They’re also probably pretty smart on a number of topics. And they’re probably great in conversation. Mostly because they likely ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening.

Hopefully these tips can help you to be more curious about your work.

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