Dayne Shuda

Are You Getting Offended Too Often?

In our personal lives and in our work we may get offended. It seems especially true if we really care about something. And it often comes from those we care about the most. How can we see through this situation?

How To Cope With Annoyances While Working

Do the same things irritate you during work? They’re often little things. Maybe they’re more apparent when you’re having a bad day. How do you get over those situations?

5 Things You May Get Wrong About Coworkers

Coworkers are a large aspect of our lives. Both in person and remotely, coworkers have an impact on us. Both good and bad. And everything in between.

How To Feel Better While Working

Are you struggling to find joy in your work? Even just the energy to get through the day? Here are a few things that could help right away.

6 Things You May Get Wrong About Employees

You think you know your employees. And you probably do know them well. But there can still be some blindspots that affect both sides…and the business.

Don’t Ignore Your Business Website

When I first got into business it was a very real thing that some businesses would forgo a website in favor of social media. All these later, it’s still a question.

3 Ways To Get Clients As A Freelancer

In 2010, I became a part-time freelance blog writer. I wasn’t really seeking it out, but it kind of came about after I’d been blogging as a hobby for a little over a year. After that, I started getting more curious about bringing on more clients.