How To Waste Less Time At Work

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Sometimes the time just seems to melt away at work. On one hand, that can be a good thing. You’re getting in the flow and really getting a lot of things done. But on the other hand it can sometimes mean that you’re not focused. The time is getting away from you, you’re falling behind. Maybe things aren’t even getting done up to satisfaction.

There are plenty of time wasters these days. Phones have been great, but they can really be distracting. And it’s not even the new tech that’s the only culprit. Sometimes it’s just our favorite (or not so favorite) co-workers that might be helping us waste time.

So what can you do to rectify the situation?

Here are a few thoughts…

1. Are you burning out?

Burn out can creep into our lives from just about any source. Often it does come from work. Or a combination of work and other things going on. It might be that we’re doing too much. It could be that we’re losing interest in what we’re doing.

Whatever it is it’s important to recognize what’s going on and try to find a solution. It might mean readjusting things at work. The schedule. The tasks. It could come from doing new routines in your personal life. Carving out more time to recharge your batteries.

2. Do you give away too much of your time to others?

Coworkers can be great. But sometimes they may take advantage of your nice demeanor. Not even on purpose. You’re probably great at what you do and others will seek that out. But sometimes they can overdo it without even realizing it. And because you’re so awesome, you often say yes to every request.

This can lead to burnout, but it can also lead to you just not having enough time. In either case it can seem that you’re doing things that aren’t leading to you getting your tasks done. And it can feel like you’re wasting your time.

3. Talk to your boss about priorities.

If you need to reassess things at work it’s good to look at priorities. You, your boss, coworkers and even other folks could be adding things to your plate without much thought. A little thing here. Another there. It can get things out of whack and you wondering if you’re wasting time.

Assess your priorities and then talk to your boss. They will usually want you working on the most important things. They don’t want your time wasted either.

4. Assess the past, present and future.

Look at how you worked in the past. Look for the good and the bad times. Try to figure out when you were doing your best work. Then look at how that compares to right now. Then look ahead to what you want to accomplish. This exercise can lead to great insight that can also lead to more focused work going forward.

5. What’s going on in your personal life…

Finally, take a look at your personal life. Sometimes we can compartmentalize very well. But often things will be on our minds heavily and it will affect our work. See if something is on your mind. See if you can rectify it and get your entire life moving in a good direction again.

Final Thought

It doesn’t feel good to be wasting time at work. We typically want to do well. It makes us feel good. Like we’re doing something good for the world. Hopefully these few thoughts can help you get back on track if you’re feeling a little unfocused.

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