Analyzing The Dropbox Blog

Dropbox Blog

The story of Dropbox is remarkable.

Dropbox launched in 2007 and within a couple years the company was generating hundreds of millions in annual revenue.

The idea was simple.

Provide a cloud-based storage service that was easy to use and easy to share.

Need to share a video with someone?

Upload the file to Dropbox and send the person a link.

Need to share a collection of files with a business client each month?

Upload to a shared folder on Dropbox.

The company is one of the darlings of the Internet world and they only appear to be getting better and bigger.

Oh, and they also have a business blog.

In this post we’re going to analyze the blogging strategy of The Dropbox Blog.

Hopefully you’ll be able to pull out some tips and tricks to use in your own business blogging efforts.

The Dropbox Blog: Overview

The Dropbox Blog has a simple design just like the main website. The two blend perfectly together and fit the Dropbox brand, which has come to stand for easy to easy simplicity.

A simple blog design allows the content in the posts to stand out, but it also allows the secondary items like the calls to action to stand out as well. By taking one look at a post on the blog or at the blog homepage you’ll notice the sidebar. The sidebar has three little social media buttons that are kind of faced. One goes to Twitter, another to Facebook and a final one to RSS.

There is also a small list of links that act as calls to action for readers. These links take you to Dropbox pages. You’re free to click to each page depending on where your curiosity level is in the Dropbox sales cycle.

You can also click to the other two Dropbox blogs: 1) Dropbox For Business Blog and 2) Dropbox Tech Blog.

This brings up an interesting question.

Should you have separate blogs?

I can see how it would make sense to have separate blogs for separate target readers. So in this case it seems to make sense, but it’s always a give and take. By separating your content you’re creating three separate authorities instead of one large one.

Frequency: 6-12 Posts Per Year

On the main Dropbox blog and on the other blogs you’ll notice that the company doesn’t update all that often. They do maybe one post per month and sometimes they’ll miss a month.

The Tech blog is updated the most. There are sometimes multiple posts per month.

Is this a good frequency?

If you’re trying to get lots of traffic to your business blog it’s probably best to post more often than every once in a while.

Dropbox uses its blog more to tell stories and share updates about the service and brand. If this is your focus – providing more insight and connection – then you can probably do fewer posts, but if you want to generate traffic and leads you’ll need to post more often.

We’ve found that weekly posts is a good place to start for most businesses.

Types Of Posts

Company updates, stories and product updates are the usual type of post for Dropbox. The blog kind of acts like a company news section in a way, but the blog gives it a little more of a personal feel compared to a one-way information channel.

These posts are great for sharing updates about your company with your customers and potential customers. It’s also a great way to connect with your customers. Depending on how many you have you could offer to provide comments where you could even respond to a few of the best comments.

Some companies want to provide this type of blog, but don’t have time.

The best way to make sure you update your company blog with this type of information is to put a procedure in place so that every time your company sends out an important press release or if your CEO sends an email to all customers that you know to create a blog post as well.


Dropbox doesn’t have the typical marketing-type business blog, but their blog serves as a great way to provide information about the company and the industry with customers and potential customers.

These types of posts earn trust with people and when people trust you they are likely to purchase from you. That seems to be the goal of The Dropbox Blog and I would have to say that the company is doing a great job with it.

Dropbox has done very well the last few years. They’re worth billions of dollars and they have a successful blog.

When a company like Dropbox has a blog it makes sense to pay attention to everything they’re doing…including blogging.

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