Analyzing The Newegg Blog

February 11, 2013By

Newegg Blog

Newegg is a private computer hardware and supplies retailer.

The company was founded in 2001 and since that time has built an incredibly strong brand.

Loyal customers flood to Newegg to find the best deals for everything they need for their computer. The customer appears to skew a little younger in demographic. They probably know much more about computers than the average person. They might even be in the clan of hackers or those that work on their own computers to make things custom and more appealing to personal use.

It’s a great business and one to admire on its own, but the company also has a great company blog – Newegg Unscrambled.

Let’s examine the company blog and see if we can pull out some points to use in other business blogs.

Analyzing The Newegg Business Blog Strategy


A few things pop out about Newegg Unscrambled after a quick glance.

First, the company posts about every 7-10 days. This is not uncommon for businesses of any size. Weekly posts are pretty common. I would say that larger companies tend to post a little more than the average of one post per week so it’s a little surprising for Newegg to only publish a new post as often as they do, but it’s not uncommon.

Also, B2C companies tend to post more often than B2B companies, which is surprising because it also seems like B2B companies get more bang for their blogging buck. Maybe that’s a reason B2Cs blog more often – so they can get the traffic they need to earn new customers.

Second, Newegg Unscrambled has a very nice design. It has a clean look with white background. The post excerpts stand out and the focus is on the content. It fits the brand. There are no frills. The social links stand out enough for people to click through and follow. It’s easy to see that this blog is sponsored by Newegg.

Third, it’s not entirely easy to navigate back to the Newegg website. Normally there is a link in the header, but in this case it’s kind of hidden as the second option in the main navigation.

There are some interesting content strategies on the blog, which we’ll talk about in more detail below, but know that more businesses are branching off into things like video to further expand on their blogging efforts.

General Blogging Strategy

Newegg has a very promotional sales strategy. In my experience that makes it a little more difficult to create an effective blogging strategy.

The target customer is very focused on finding deals and good values. They seem less interested in researching the product. Well, they are interested in finding great products, but they’re more interested in finding deals at least when it comes time to make a purchase.

Blog posts that focus on questions the customer has about the product will do well, but Newegg is reaching the customer in the very early stages of the buying cycle or sales funnel. The company blog is very much about discovery in this case, which is not a bad thing.

Newegg has a few post strategies that fit this discovery focus.

One would be a focus on current events and lists. The post about Post-apocalyptic video games is a recent example. This is a great example of  how a company can target a keyword (post-apocalyptic video games) while creating a list and getting new visitors interested in making a purchase.

Another great post is one about conserving battery life on smartphones. This is a question Newegg’s target customers have and the answer comes from an expert (the folks at Newegg) in the form of a blog. This is a great way to build trust by offering useful information.


NeweggTV is very interesting. It’s a YouTube channel and the videos are incorporated into posts on the blog.

There are tutorials and even announcements. It’s a great strategy.

We’re seeing more video from companies in lots of different industries. It’s a way to take your content strategy to another level to get new visitors to your site.

Final Thoughts

Newegg has a great blog. They follow the most successful formats of blog posts while focusing on their targeted reader and customer.

They’re going beyond most other company blogs with NeweggTV.

Newegg may not post as often as some other companies, but they are consistent with their posts and the content they do publish is focused and helpful.

It’s a great company blogging strategy that you can use as inspiration for your own company blog.