Analyzing The State Farm Blog

February 14, 2013By
State Farm Blog

Like a good neighbor, State Farm provides helpful articles for clients.

State Farm has been a part of my life forever.

As far back as I can remember there was always a connection.

My grandpa on my mother’s side was an agent for decades. He was based on rural Wisconsin. He had an entire area he was responsible for and he worked right out of his home.

I still remember the big State Farm sign he had out in front of the house. They lived right on Main St. People would stop in throughout the day and he would take care of things right from his home office.

So I’ve been part of State Farm as a customer and through family my entire life.

Earlier this year I met with my State Farm agent to discuss investing and retirement. We were talking about Ghost Blog Writers and he was kind of intrigued about how the whole thing worked.

I told him about search engines and social media and how companies that blog get more traffic and leads.

He was interested and I tried thinking of how I could relate blogging to his business.

So I went home and checked and sure enough, State Farm had a blog of sorts.

Quick Glance: The State Farm Blog

State Farm has two examples of what I would refer to as a blog.

The first is the Learning Center.

The Learning Center is packed with helpful articles and videos. It’s all aimed at helping people understand more about how they can make their lives easier and less stressful.

There is advice on buying a car and buying a home. There is even advice on how to select a roofer.

The trick for State Farm is using the expertise they have in-house. The company deals with issues all the time. They want to help people buy cars that don’t break down and don’t get into accidents. They want to help people buy houses that don’t wear out or have things go wrong all the time.

State Farm is helping themselves by helping their clients. It’s a win-win and that’s the best form of business blogging.

The articles are really interesting too. You wouldn’t think articles about insurance would be that interesting, but then you see something like How to Avoid Stage Accidents and you’re drawn in.

It’s a really great strategy.

The second blog is the Newsroom.

This area is more for updated information. State Farm shares the results of latest surveys while giving people updates on what’s happening in the news that affects them and their insurance.

There is always something going on in the world that can affect your safety. It’s State Farm’s job to protect you in case something bad happens, but they also have a vested interesting in making sure you can prevent as much as possible.

If you can do this in your business you’ve really found a content strategy that will work well.

Final Thoughts

We’re all familiar with State Farm.

Well, maybe you’ve heard of it and maybe I’m more familiar with it than most.

But you’ve probably seen the commercials with Aaron Rodgers at the very least.

State Farm creates lots of great content. Their commercials are part of a content strategy just as their Learning Center is.

It’s all content aimed at earning interesting, trust and converting new people into customers.

It’s a great strategy and one we’ve seen work for a number of companies.