Desiree Homer

What You Might Be Missing with Email Marketing

More and more businesses are tapping into email marketing as a method for connecting with customers. But as with any marketing effort, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do emails. If you’re lagging with open rates, responses, and conversions, keep reading. Identifying where your email campaign might be lacking can be a tall order. But these tips and suggestions will help you do just that, and we’ll share insights you can leverage right now to make the changes needed for your email marketing to be effective. And this won’t be your run-of-the-mill listicle of generic tips and overshared advice. This is the list you’ll want to print out and take to your next marketing meeting, we promise.

Are Quotas Really a Thing Anymore?

Let’s talk quotas. For any salesperson, novice or veteran, the word alone can inspire some pretty intense reactions. Either it’s terrifying, automatically ushering in overwhelming pressure and a sense of dread. Or it ignites fierce competitiveness that can drive salespeople to hit incredible numbers. So, after decades of enforcing quotas and benchmarks for sales teams, business owners and sales managers want to know. Are quotas really the best way to motivate a salesforce these days? Today’s sales workforce looks vastly different than it has in years past. And how consumers and customers make purchasing decisions has, too. So, it only makes sense that the old way of measuring success and performance no longer be relevant, right? There’s more to quotas,

Summer Is the Best Time for Networking

It’s hot. It’s muggy. People are all busy taking off work for summer vacations. What do you mean summer is the best time for networking? I get it. But hear me out on this one. Whether summer represents a busy time for you or a slow down in business, it’s still a great time of year to be networking. It might be the best season of all for meeting and greeting your top prospects. Some of the best connections can be over a round of golf, sitting outside for a patio lunch, and handshaking at local ribbon-cutting ceremonies. And all of those scenarios, and a few others, make summer the best time to get connecting. People Are Just Happier with

10 Ways to Improve Your Communication in Every Engagement

With so many of our interactions going digital these days, it’s easy to see both sides of the communication fence. Some say all the mobile technology makes it easier to connect, thus improving communication efforts overall. Others suggest that digital engagement is actually making our communication worse. And they’re both right. Envision parenthood just a few decades ago, for example. You couldn’t track your kids’ whereabouts. You had no idea what they were doing and no way of reaching them in case of an emergency. Fast forward to today, parents can ping their kids’ precise locations, send texts, and reach them in an instant. In these scenarios, communication is far more advantageous because of technology. On the other hand, sending

What Everyone Really Thinks About Online Marketing

This is one of those conversations that needs to happen. No one’s saying what they’re really thinking when it comes to online marketing. Until now, that is. It’s information overload and a downright jungle out there when it comes to digital marketing. And if you remotely keyword search for anything related to online advertising or marketing best practices, you’ll feel the world pointing at you with every search engine results page (SERP.) Do SEO this way. Don’t keyword stuff. Make sure you’re leveraging social media. Don’t pay for Facebook Ads. Blah, blah, blah. How can you know what advice to really follow? Everyone’s an expert. And yet, no one’s helping you figure it out for your business. Not to state

Inspiring Your Teams Through Challenges

In a leadership role, you’re expected to, well… lead. But there is way more to being a leader, and there are complex layers of understanding, empathy, and respect that separate the good from the great. And what really distinguishes a great leader from a poor one are challenges. Anyone can be a monumental leader when times are good. When everyone’s happy, clients and teams included, and there aren’t any issues at hand, you can sometimes see the glittery glow of a unicorn nearby. In the real business world, unicorn happiness doesn’t exist. If your business is growing, you’ll likely experience growing pains. If a competitor outpaces you, you’ll feel the pressure to get ahead. Employees will turnover. Products will fail.

How Food Inspires My Sales Game

And How It Can Deliciously Transform Your Sales Process When it comes to improving your sales game, there’s no shortage of anecdotes and expert advice out there. But it can be challenging to assimilate every suggestion or remember every rebuttal, especially for business development reps who may be newer to sales. To overcome these sales training and learning obstacles, managers and business leaders will often look to more real-life analogies to help bridge gaps in understanding and application best practices. Some of the best sales leadership I encountered in my 20 years of pounding pavement came from managers who made the sales process relatable in a memorable way. And some of the greatest gurus will always find a way to

Passion & Success: It’s a Marriage, Not a Fling

When you think about it, marriage and business are incredibly similar. How you maintain and improve both requires much of the same levels of commitment. And successful marriages and careers have one key element in common – passion. If you’re passionate about who you’re with, your marital bond will continue to grow and serve as a rock-solid foundation for your family. Likewise, passion-infused career paths will almost always lead to growth and success. It’s no wonder the experts often say passion and success in your career should be treated like a marriage, not a fling. Where You’ll Spend the Majority of Your Time in Life The two relationships you’ll spend most of your time and effort with are your significant

Can You Start Over in Your 40s?

Remember when you were younger, eager to take on the world and embark on a new career? Maybe you were just fresh out of college or taking over a family business. Or maybe you remember the butterflies you felt the first day you reported to your first real job. You had a fresh enthusiasm about what you could do with your life. And you were excited to put your stamp on the world. But then life happened. Anyone in their forties knows what I’m talking about, too. You make plans. Plans change. Circumstances change. Your career path shifts over the years, and without realizing it, here you are today. Are you currently where you were back then? Or are you