The Good Side Of Overconfidence

We often look at overconfidence as mostly or totally negative. But there are some good things about it.

Does Buying Things Make You Happy?

There is pressure today to buy things. Both externally and internally. We do it mostly to ourselves it seems. But some is definitely peer pressure. How do you deal with it?

Most Things Are Subjective

It’s easy to share and consume opinions about everything today. Do whatever you can to not take it too seriously.

10 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Humans like to make life complex. Maybe it’s because we believe that complex is better. But some of the best inventions are simple. Why can’t life be the same?

Keep Your Goals Private

You’ll often read advice that says the opposite. Maybe that works, but there is another approach worth considering.

5 Ways To Avoid Judging Others

Humans are wired to judge. It’s how we survive. But in recent days, when survival isn’t as difficult, judging can lead to more negative than positive.