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Why Content Calendars Are More Crucial Than Ever

New marketers are usually quick to run to the latest trending tactics to gain attention for their products and services. Experienced marketers, on the other hand, know the value of creating and sticking to a plan. And while there’s nothing particularly exciting about content calendars, it’s the very essence of strategy. And smart marketers know they must plant their flag on the mount of strategy rather than ephemeral tactics if they desire long-term success. Here’s why content calendars are more crucial than ever. Lack of Strategy is the Enemy of Success Blogging and content marketing have never been more competitive. Most savvy marketers today know all the best tricks, be it the Skyscraper Technique, content upgrades, the latest in backlink

Why You Should Build Your Business Around Your Preferences

It often does not occur to the entrepreneur that they could, or even should, have their business revolve around them. But there are good reasons to do business on your terms, and there could be some significant drawbacks to following in the footsteps of your competition. Here’s why you should build your business around your preferences. Differentiate Yourself Most businesses are in danger of being made redundant by competition. With the rapid rise of disruptive business models, you never know when a new player in your niche might come along to turn your business inside out. If you’ve been doing things exactly as other players in your market have been doing them, your business has been at risk for quite

The Pros & Cons of Blogging or Publishing Daily

There are marketers out there making bold claims about publishing daily. But as with any marketing activity you can take on, there are upsides and downsides to blogging daily. Having a balanced perspective on the matter ensures that you’re taking on the right actions to grow your project, venture, or business. Here are the pros and cons of blogging or publishing daily. The Pros of Publishing Daily Whether publishing daily will solve all your money problems is for you to decide. Realistically speaking, what follows are the main upsides to publishing daily. Content Drives Traffic Daily blog posts and articles give your audience a reason to visit your website more frequently. And if the quality of your content is consistently

How to Start a Podcast That Has Traction

Podcastpage.io says there are roughly three to four million podcasts available. But 44% of shows have less than three episodes, and only 720,000 podcasts have more than 10 episodes. Only 156,000 are releasing weekly episodes. There are many who believe starting a podcast to grow their business would be a good idea, but when push comes to shove, they realize just how difficult it is to attract an audience and sustain a regular publishing schedule. If you’re going to start a podcast, the goal should be to start a podcast that has traction. Here’s how. Choose Your Topic Well Just because you’re in real estate doesn’t necessarily mean you should have a podcast teaching others how to become a real

How to Write Yourself into Existence

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy famously “wrote himself into existence.” But in a time when AI written content is fast becoming the norm, platforms like Medium and Substack are fiercely competitive, and blogging of any kind in any niche is well beyond saturated, is it still possible to write yourself into existence? Yes, it is. But your efforts can’t be haphazard. Here’s how to gain some traction with your writing. Clarity on Your Strategy is the Foundation You must become known for something, not anything. While you may need to experiment with a few approaches and topics to find resonance, you can’t be jumping all over the place if you want to write yourself into existence. Top online personal development blogger

Why Marketing Stamina Matters

Entrepreneurs and businesses alike sometimes get caught up in the sheer number of product and services opportunities they could create for their target customers. Instead of focusing on a singular project and making it as good as possible, they end up spreading their time, energy, and resources thin trying to create, deliver, and support an endless array of offers. The natural byproduct isn’t just scattered energy, but disappointment and ineffectiveness in most areas. More than ever, marketing stamina is critical to your success. Here’s why. “But I Haven’t Seen it on Social Media Yet” Has this happened to you? You’ve spent countless hours in research and development, building the sales page, and creating the product. You finally launch, only to

How to Ensure You’re on a Growth Path & Not Stagnating

Anyone with a personal growth plan is sure to hit certain plateaus from time to time. That’s normal. But stagnation is far more pernicious, settling in and making home in our lives when we’re not even aware of it. We can go months and even years thinking we’re doing all the right things on our growth path, only to discover we’re getting nowhere. So, what can you do to ensure you’re on a growth path? Here are several actions to explore. Take Calculated Risks Some say go out and make all the mistakes – it will lead to more growth. Others say avoid failure when and where you can. Both perspectives are valuable. But there is a meaningful balance in

5 Ways to Recharge & Maintain Energy During the Workday

Whether you’re a 60-hour per week entrepreneur or a busy freelancer with a full schedule, working long, hard hours is sometimes par for the course. The trouble is that working hard doesn’t always equate with working smart. Energy levels deplete, decision making capacity becomes stunted, and your senses dull. So, even menial tasks can appear big tasks and elevate stress levels. Even if it’s just a quick refresh, you need a few ways to recharge and maintain your energy through the day. Here’s how. Create Spend some time drawing, painting, or crafting. Art is engrossing and it can take your mind off work, even if it’s only for a few brief minutes. If you don’t feel creatively inclined, or don’t

The Simple, Not Easy Growth Plan for Social Media

Many individuals, brands, and businesses hope they’ll wake up one day to discover their social media following has grown by hundreds or even thousands of followers. Even if you’re doing many or all the right things, success is unlikely to come knocking at your door without incident. Instead of trying to reverse engineer viral success, your time would be better spent creating a plan and staying steady regardless of changing algorithms and social media landscapes. Here’s the simple, not easy growth plan for social media. Post Consistently People often ask how often to post, and the real answer is not twice per day at 10 AM and 2 PM EST. Such formulas have their value, but they are often catering

How to Grow on Twitter in 2023 & Beyond

Much has been said about Twitter’s future and whether it’s even relevant to marketers anymore. Hootsuite has curated multiple stats that might have you thinking twice about such cavalier statements about Twitter: Twitter is the ninth most visited website globally Their user base is expected to grow to an upwards of 335 million in 2023 85% of Twitter users earn more than $30,000 and 34% earn $75,000 or above Almost half of Twitter’s audience consumes news regularly on the platform 54% of Twitter’s audience are more likely to purchase new products And more So, how can you ensure you’re on a growth path for 2023 and beyond? Read on. Pay Attention to Trending Hashtags At first brush, this will seem

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