David Wiebe

What’s It Like to Be Your Employee?

Being a part of your organization is the best thing ever. It’s a fun, growth-oriented workplace with plenty of incentives and benefits to keep the entire team happy. …Or is it? Many leaders assume they’re adequately engaging their employees and have their finger on the pulse of their company but haven’t stopped to dig deeper into the issue. Is Jane doing well in HR? Is Hank stressed out? Has the new hire Jessica been onboarded properly? Well, you won’t really know until you start asking some of the big questions, such as: What’s it like to be your employee? Are You Holed Up in Your Ivory Tower? One of the highest value activities in any business is thinking. There are

Are Paid Ads Worth It In 2022?

To make money, you’ve got to spend money. Take this cliché for what it’s worth, but most online marketers believe in it to greater or lesser extents. There is the occasional success story touting the benefits of organic growth from SEO or Pinterest, but these tend to be the exception rather than the rule. But even as the cost of ads continues to rise, are paid ads still worth it in 2022? Are Your Results Subpar? Has your marketing activity been effective so far? If you’re satisfied with the results, then there may not be an urgent need to add paid ads to your marketing mix. (Don’t forget, though, that if your current marketing is successful, and you want to

Need To Change Your Routine? 4 Small Shifts That Make a Big Difference

A routine is there to serve you. When we forget this, bad things happen, because we end up serving our routine without any sense of why we’re doing it. Change is critical to your well-being and even to your productivity. Here we’ll look at a few small, practical shifts you can make that will make a big difference. 1. Take More Breaks The busier you get, the more projects you add to your queue, the longer your to-do list, the greater the temptation there will be to stretch out your workday to accommodate pressing deadlines. But study after study shows this could be more detrimental to your productivity than you even realize. Taking breaks at regular intervals can boost your