Look to Hire People with Blogging Experience

More companies are looking to maintain a corporate blog in the future. The reason for blogging involves improving the customer relationship and increasing profits. As a result of these blogging initiatives, companies are looking for candidates with blogging experience…

A New Content Strategy for Louis C.K.

Comedian Louis C.K. made headlines recently with a new strategy for comedians. The entertainer financed his own video and released it via his website. Louis C.K. promoted the video with a series of interviews and blog posts bringing attention to the new form of self media publication. Check out the story…

Feedback Leads to Innovation for Philly Cream Cheese

You’ve probably heard of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The brand has been around for decades. People have long used the cream cheese to spread directly on bagels, pretzels and other foods. And that’s what the company thought until there was the discovery in 2008 that people used the spread for more than just…spreading.

Danger Lurking for Those Investing In Social Channels

It’s not news that spending marketing efforts exclusively on social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can be damaging. Now, there appears to be a new lawsuit in California against Facebook that could impact the way the companies are allowed to engage with users on the popular social channels…

Successful E-Commerce Needs Content and Community

An investor recently shared four points he sees with the most successful companies. It was interesting to learn that two of the four points relate directly to things that a company blog can provide. Check it out…

How a Blog Creates Trust

Trust is an important part of any business relationship. A recent article from Fast Company highlighted a few of the important ways trust plays a roll in relationships and it got me thinking about the role of blogging in business….

Social Media Strategy Starts With a Content Strategy

Each day you can browse the web and find numerous articles about successful social media marketing. Companies are using the vast number of social media sites to get people interested in their brands. These companies are always looking for the next way to take advantage of social media. Yet there is one component of social that is often missing from discussion and it might be the most important aspect of the entire strategy…

Content Strategy for a Local City or County

There is a local movement happening. People are taking in information from all around the world, traveling, and watching the news happen in every corner of the globe. Yet there is much people are doing in their local worlds as well. People are connecting. People are creating. Local is something people are focusing on for the future…

Educating Customers is Primary Reason for Branded Content

Branded content has been around for decades. Companies create content or hire professional writers to create content that portrays the company’s brand in a positive light while also serving another purpose – typically entertainment, education, or even enlightenment. The main reason companies are spending on branded , as highlighted in a recent study, is to educate…

Telling Stories is a Good Blogging Format

A few weeks ago I finished the biography of Steve Jobs. The book was really my first introduction to the man. His contributions have been many, but I think a little snippet of the book is very interesting and relates to blogging and really to writing in general. The art of telling a story is something that was mentioned in the book as people a great way to connect with people. Let’s examine in more detail…

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