Blog Analysis: Saguna Offers Needed Service In Mobile Market

Saguna Blog Strategy
Saguna works to make your mobile experience freaky fast.

It’s a little over my head with the content on their homepage, but it seems like Saguna makes mobile apps really fast.

And even I know that’s important.

It looks like Saguna works with a few different types of clients. I think they work directly with the mobile network providers. So any company you work with that provides you with a mobile Internet connection.

Actually it looks like now that they work exclusively with mobile network providers. I thought they might have worked with companies that create mobile apps and websites to make those faster, but it looks like just the providers although Saguna also seems to have partners that might work with businesses.

Anyway, we always like to look at the blogging strategy so let’s dive in.

1. News & Events vs. Blog

The first thing I noticed about Saguna’s content strategy is that they have a News & Events section along with a Blog section.

We’ve seen this before on business websites. And I do think it makes sense to separate content for the different purposes.

The News & Events section is actually broken down into four sections:

  1. Press Releases
  2. Coming Events
  3. Media Coverage
  4. Resources

I think all those sections are great. It makes sense for just about every business to have those sections along with a blog section. The Resources could be in a different place depending on what’s in the section for an individual business.

The other option for having these sections is to put everything on the blog and have different categories. There would be one feed for everything along with different categories that would have feeds for each of the different types of posts, articles, etc.

You’ll see on the Saguna Blog that they have a list of categories on the sidebar. The four sections above would just have their own categories.

2. No Blog Name

I don’t think Saguna has a name for the blog. The title tag has “MEC on the RAN”I don’t think that’s the name of the blog, but maybe it is.

The point is that I do get asked sometimes if businesses should have a name for their business blog.

I don’t think a name is necessary. It can be confusing for readers. Instead of remembering your business name and associating that with the blog and content they have to focus on the name of a blog and the name of a business.

I think in most cases businesses can forego names for their blogs and just leave it nameless, which is what I think Sagnua is doing.

3. New Technology And What It Means

The latest post on the blog, as of today, is a post on upcoming 5G.

For consumers, it’s exciting to think about 5G and how the mobile connections are getting even faster. It matters to the target readers on this blog, mobile network providers, to know what consumers care about.

The 5G technology is still a few years out, but readers of this post would be looking for faster speeds right now for their customers and that’s where Saguna does a really good lead-in to its services.

They talk about what’s coming for mobile technology in the future and tie it in to what providers can do today to get really fast connections for users.

4. State Of The Union Address

I like posts each New Year that discuss what’s been going on with the business the last year and what’s coming in the future. That’s exactly what Saguna did with this post back in January.

The blog is a great place for this type of post. Company blogs are often seen as the official source of company information.

There is a lot of great detail in this post. I think it’s laid out really well and potential partners and clients would love to read this so they know what they’re getting into if they work with Saguna.

5. Keeping It Up

There is a lot of great content on the Saguna Blog. They’ve been blogging for about 18 months as of this writing. They’ve been doing some consistent blogging since the beginning, but the last post was back in July.

It’s not uncommon for a business to put up blog posts fairly regularly in the first year or so and then to have it slowly fall off in frequency.

A blog can be a challenging thing to keep up with, but it’s a worthwhile long-term strategy. That’s why we like to recommend using a calendar process with at least one post per month. You can do that regular post and still add in other posts if there is an idea.


There is a lot to like on the Saguna Blog. They’re doing a lot of different posts. And if you count their News & Events section they have even more content.

It all helps to create the idea that their site is fresh and frequently updated. When visitors come to a site they want to see that the company is active and a blog is a way to keep your site “alive”.

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