You Are What You Do Every Day

Dayne Golf
If I want to be a good golfer I need to do it every day.

I read a quote somewhere that said that writers are people that write every day…or something like that.

It’s a great quote and it applies to everything in life.

We are what we do every day.

And that can be scary if what you’re doing isn’t going to lead you to where you want to be.

I think a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs, have this gene or whatever that kind of tugs at them to try something new. We get these little urges and ideas and our minds run wild.

But you can have all the dreams you want, but in the end you’ll be what you do every day.

Changing Jobs And Starting Businesses

So I struggled with this one for a bit in a few different ways.

I had a great job that I liked, but I also had a few ideas for different businesses. One ended up being Ghost Blog Writers, but it started out really as nothing.

I had been reading blogs. I figured I could do one, but never got started. Then one day I realized that if I wanted to be a blogger I just had to start and then keep doing it. I figured I’d get there eventually; learn along the way.

Then I got asked to blog for a company and then another and it grew from there.

Then the next time I was growing the business on the side and reached a point where I had to make a choice. Keep doing that or leave my job and become a real business owner full-time.

I had to become what I wanted to be.

Getting Away From Writing

I don’t do any writing for clients at GBW anymore. A few years ago I had to make that jump. I wanted to be a business owner. Blogging is still something I enjoy doing, but I wanted to ultimately be a business owner.

So I had to make the step of becoming what I did every day. I had to move away from being a blogger and a writer and hire great people to do that instead and move on to the next stage.

New Challenges

Now it’s also getting to the point where I am what I do every day. Right now that’s really the role of account manager. And it’s been great, but now it’s time to move on again.

I want to be a business owner. I want the business to run on its own without me. So I’ll have to make a step where I am what I do every day and become something other than an account manager.


I think we all also have hobbies that we want to do as well. We don’t have time for everything, but we do have time for a few things.

But if you really want to get good at something you have to do it every day. For me that’s golf. And I notice it and don’t do as well as I should.

When I practice even if it’s just practice swings or holding a club or putting. It helps.

I follow Hank Haney and he talks about it all the time. He had a TV show where he helped celebrities become better golfers and he worked with Michael Phelps. Michael said that with swimming if he misses a day of practice it takes him like two days to get back to where he was.

I think Ben Hogan said the same thing about golf practice.

We are what we do every day.

Final Thought

If you want to become something you have to adjust what you do every day. You have to dedicate time to something if you want it to happen. It won’t just happen and I think we all know that.

But getting started is the first step. That’s a difficult step, but it’s actually easier than doing something every day.

Whatever you want to do or become you have to commit to doing it every day or it won’t happen. If it’s business, personal or whatever – commit and do it every day.

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