This Question is a Great Source of Blog Content


It’s a question every asks.

Kids seem to ask this question all the time. They want to know why adults do things. Kids actually seem to hold people more accountable than adults. It’s a great question because it gets us to think and thinking is the best source of blog content.

Recently I’ve been watching the show¬†Barter Kings on A&E. Now, I have no doubt that some of the trades happening on the show are staged. That’s just how reality TV works, but the guys do appear to have a good business going on and there is one question I noticed they asked whenever a trading partner has a little objection to the terms of the deal.

Watch this three minute or so video and see the question in action. Pay real close attention when the trader starts asking about the price of the clubs.

Clubs for Drums on Barter Kings

Did you catch the question?

Antonio, one of the show’s two stars, asked the question:

Why exactly do you want these golf clubs?

It’s a great question and the two guys on the show always ask it when they are working a deal. The two guys are always looking to trade up. That’s how they make their living. They need to find people that need items. When the two guys on the show find people like this they can work deals in their favor, but they always come back to this question.

Basically the other trader goes into detail of why he’s interested in the golf clubs. He’s getting the clubs for his uncle. Instead of spending money to get clubs he makes a trade using something that he isn’t using.

But it took hearing the question (Why?) to get him to realize that it was a fair deal even if the monetary value of the two items wasn’t the same.

How to Use “Why?” for Blogging

It’s a pretty cool trick for trading and selling, but how does it work for blogging?

Ask your customers and your readers why they read your blog. Ask them what they’re looking for when they come to your website. You can learn more about your readers and create better content for them. People will tell you what they want to read and you can take that information and combine it with your knowledge and experience to create content that entertains, educates and sells.

Blogging is about conversions and in order to get those conversions you need to understand why your customers are looking for the content they are. Ask them in your posts. Ask them in social media. Use the responses to create better blog posts.

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