What I Do When I’m Having A Bad Day

Spilled Coffee
If things are bad…kill everything and let the day pass.

We all have bad days.

Sometimes we wake up and the feeling is just there. This day is going to be bad.

And things may start out bad. A headache. Pain somewhere in your body. Dropping your toothbrush. Spilling the coffee.

It might start out that way and eventually you’re just in a rut. The self fulfilling prophecy of a bad day takes over. Without even realizing it you’re thinking that things will go bad and they end up going just as you imagine.

This seems to happen to us all at some point. Some maybe it’s 5 days a month. Others maybe more. Others maybe less.

But it happens and I think the natural tendency is to push through, but that might be the worst thing…

Nobody Wants To Be Around You

When you’re in a bad mood a natural reaction is to bring others down with you. When you read it like that it makes you feel bad, but pay attention to the next time you’re in a bad mood. Or make note when someone else is in a bad mood and they come up to you.

Misery truly does love company and when we’re in a bad mood we seek out our friends, family and coworkers and try to get them to be company to our bad day.

But nobody wants to be around someone that is having a bad day. Who would?

Yet we seem to think that others want to have bad day with us. We think they should be there to support us. But it’s all false. Nobody wants to be around that negativity and even if you do force yourself on them you’re going to affect their day.

In a work setting you’re going to be even more detrimental to the company than if just you are in a bad mood.

You’re Not Going To Get Anything Done

I’ve found that when I’m in a bad mood and having a bad day that I really don’t get much done. It might take me an hour to write a blog post on a normal day. On a bad day I’m distracted more easily. It’s more difficult to research. I seem to get angry at every little thing. That takes up time and energy.

And the final result isn’t usually very good anyway. My mind is too focused on what’s going wrong to focus on getting work done.

So you’re kind of screwed if you try to force getting things done.

Just Kill It And Get Away

When I’m having a bad day I’ve found that it’s much better for the long-term if I just get up and get away. Get away from people. Get away from work.

Go watch a movie. Go read a book. Go take a walk. Go away and just think. Give myself time to work through the thoughts. Even if it is just having a little solo pity party. Giving myself a chance to stew and fret and all those negative things.

That might take the rest of the day, but it’s worth it. Usually by the next day I’m back to normal. I don’t get angry about spilling a little coffee. I notice the beautiful sunrise. I smile when I see my wife smiling at me.

I know that there is work to be done and it can seem like postponing it can lead to more stress because you’re behind, but I find that just giving up the day and coming back allows me to get ahead pretty quick.

When I’m in a good mood I can work very fast. I can get more done than I even expect. So if I’m having a bad day now I know that I can make it up in the future, but only if I take the time to get away and have my bad day.

Final Thought

If you’re having a bad day see if you can get away. Even if you’re in the office see if you can catch up on reading. See if you can reschedule your calls and your meetings. See if you can close your door and be alone for the rest of the day.

Trust me, it’ll work out much better than trying to force your way through things.

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