How Much Time to Spend Blogging

Swiss WatchesHow much time should you spend blogging?

Emily at HubSpot recently gave a nice breakdown of how a professional should spend their time working on inbound marketing activities. The breakdown provides some nice tips on managing your time for blogging, networking, and improving the quality of your conversion pages.

From Breaking Down the Inbound Marketing Mix:

Spend 40% on Blogging / Content Creation

Content creation is the biggest factor in the Inbound Marketing Equation. Each time you publish a blog post you are increasing the indexed page volume of your site and the ability to rank for important keywords. You are also creating great link bait and engaging with your subscribers, customers, potential leads, industry professionals, etc.

Helpful Links:

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40% of the time you spend on getting found and converting visitors should be spent on creating content and blogging. Does that seem like a lot?

For a business that realizes the importance of blogging, but can never find time to actually publish blog posts 40% can seem like quite a bit of time.

Web Content Writing

Blogging takes time.

In a recent post about make blog writing work, I covered the process I use to write blog posts for the site Country Music Life. Lots of research, trial and error, and understanding come with writing successful blog posts.

Managing a blog that successful drives relevant traffic and sales leads requires a large amount of effort.

So I agree with Emily of HubSpot that you’ll need to spend at least 40% of your inbound marketing time on blogging including the research and writing that go into creating successful blog posts. Adding content to your site increases the amount of content search engines can index. If the content is targeted at keywords related to your business you’ll bring in more traffic and potential leads to your site.


Is your company dedicating time to blogging and creating new content for your website?

What gets in the way of writing content for your website? Time? Lack of return?

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