Tumblr and Short Blog Posts

Tumblr is about the short, fast posting of content.

Over the years, blogging has become an important way to share your thoughts on the web and gain attention. And for businesses, the key was turning this attention into sales. For years, WordPress and Blogger were the preferred blogging platforms for companies.

A new business entered the game in 2007, though, and today that business is a major player.

Tumblr is now hosts more blogs than WordPress according to eMarketer and Mashable. That is a big accomplishment and I think it’s important to understand what this means for your business.

Blogging With Tumblr

The growth of Tumblr has been big.

Tumblr Traffic

That is huge growth and there appears to be an ever growing number of people using Tumblr for personal blogging and now even business blogging. I’m seeing more businesses using Tumblr to share photos, short messages, and other pieces of content.

And that’s the advantage of Tumblr. The platform makes it incredibly easy to share short, compact bits of content. The content is short and fast and people love it.

It’s interesting how Tumblr works. The platform encourages people to be quick and to the point. The content is fast like videos, photos, and short bits of text. It’s been compared to a combination of Twitter and blogging. Posts are often frequent and people seem to really love it.

Businesses are even using it with some good success. See these two sites:

Two great examples of how companies are starting to use Tumblr. I think it’s great. I’m a big fan of frequency with blogging and if Tumblr is a way for your company to increase blogging frequency then you should definitely give Tumblr a shot.

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