7 Blogging Mistakes That Waste Your Time

Social Media Over Content
Why are you wasting time doing these things?

The #1 reason GBW is in business is because people don’t have time to blog.

At GBW, we know how to write blog posts that get more traffic, leads and sales in a short amount of time.

And these aren’t just any posts. These are posts that are read and shared by targeted audiences.

For most, this is a challenge.

Over the years we’ve figured out that there are a lot of things that can lead to time wasting with a blog.

If you’re finding that you don’t have time to blog here are a few things you can remove from the process to speed it up.

1. Worrying About SEO

Pick a topic your target customer asks all the time. Answer it with a blog post in the way you do in real life. Use the same language.

By doing this you’ll naturally set your blog posts up for success with the search engines. You don’t have to worry about all the other stuff.

Over time, as you become a better blogger you can add the basics of titles, URLs and descriptions to the mix, but getting the main content right first is the most important.

2. Fixing Every Grammar And Spelling Mistake

This is a big one. You’re not writing term papers. In real life, people make mistakes. We do it all the time when we’re having conversations with people.

It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes. People can see past it. If you’re covering an interesting topic people will love it even if you don’t have perfect grammar.

And in some cases that can enhance your voice.

Some of my favorite blogs are from really smart people and they don’t always have perfect spelling.

They’re smart because they don’t worry about being perfect.

3. Editing And Re-Editing

This builds on the previous point a little bit.

Edit your post as you write it.

That’s one of the biggest tips I can give you. Read it back one more time when you’re done, but don’t over think things.

Publish it and get it out there. Over time you’ll learn how to write without editing multiple times. You’ll figure out what works.

And if you need to go back and fix a post on a particular topic you always can, but if you edit and re-edit initially you’ll never publish anything.

4. Perfecting Your Design

Design is important. First impressions always are, but I’ve seen too many business owners fail to launch their blog because they’re too focused on the design.

Pick a basic design and start writing.

Your content will win people over and as your blog grows you can look to invest in design.

5. Perfecting Your Social Media Follow Buttons

This is another area people worry about way too much on their blog. I think it’s an example of finding a distraction so you don’t have to write. We’ve all done it with something.

Don’t worry about how your social icons will look in the sidebar or in the top navigation area.

Just put them up there. They can even be simple text links. When people want to follow you they’ll find them.

6. Finding The Perfect Image

This still takes me a lot of time. I need to work on this one. Sometimes finding an image can take longer than the writing of the post.

If you struggle just take a picture of yourself and publish it.

7. Trying To Write When You’re Tired

This is one I’ve had to learn as I’ve taken GBW to a full-time business.

I used to work late hours into the night to get things done.

Not anymore.

I’d rather go to bed now and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Sometimes you’re going to get sick of looking at a blank scree. Leave it alone for a while.

Just make sure you come back again. Leave it alone at 10:00 PM, but schedule a time at 8:00 AM to come back to it.


The biggest reason people struggle with blogging is that they don’t have time.

They’re busy people and blogging is something that takes them a long time.

The things mentioned in this article are not mission critical to your blogging success. Give them up and blogging wont’ take as long.

Hopefully now you’ll be able to get over that time barrier so you can publish a few business blog posts.

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