There Are An Infinite Number Of Right Answers

Women Red LeavesWhen something works for you it’s a wonderful thing.

But sometimes we fall into the trap of feeling that our right answers are the only right answers.

If somebody else makes a different decision it can seem like our decision is perhaps wrong. But really, both choices can be the right choices. And the reality is that there are probably lots more right answers for other people in similar situations.

For example, I may purchase a Ford pickup truck. It works out wonderfully for me. If my best friend purchases a Chevrolet pickup, it’s probably a great choice for them. It doesn’t mean that my Ford is now the wrong choice for me. Both are the right options. And there is probably another friend that buys a Dodge pickup and is also perfectly happy.

Life is a paradox in many ways.

We’re similar in a lot of instances. But we’re also very different in a lot of other instances. We all make different choices. And many of those choices work out wonderfully.

Sometimes we may make a choice and it won’t work out. Then we see someone else make the same or similar choice and we think, they shouldn’t be doing that…

But it may work out just fine. It may have been the wrong choice for us and the right choice for them. That can drive us crazy sometimes because on the surface it just doesn’t see to make sense.

A good way to go about life is to be open to the fact that there are an infinite number of right answers for just about every situation. This helps to back off the judgment of what others are doing. It also helps to ease the stress on yourself for constant questioning of your own decisions.

So give yourself a break. You’re probably making the right decision.

And your best friend probably is too…

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