The Science Of Purchasing: 51 Customer Quotes

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Customer Reviews

You can learn a lot from your customers reviews.

Testimonials and customer quotes offer great insight into what your customers are looking for.

At Ghost Blog Writers, we have to learn two languages. We have to learn the business language and we have to learn the customer language.

These two are often not the same, but since we’re targeting customers with the client we provide to our clients we focus on what the customers are searching for online.

You can examine customer quotes to get insight into your business. You can learn what your customers are searching for and you can use that language to capture their attention.

Here are 51 customer quotes to help give you the insight you need.


1. Kindle Fire

You Get What You Pay For

The device feels nice and solid. I’m a little surprised at how heavy it is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The rubberized backing is always nice for added grip. It’s not as nice as say unibody aluminum, but it’s not $500 either.

2. The Great Gatsby

A Monument in Audio Book History

F. Scott Fitzgerald, a monumental talent who only occasionally got things working right, made Gatsby great by the extraordinary invention of Nick Carraway. Carraway as narrator provided the exact perfect pitch: more awestruck than he would admit, more moral than it was fashionable to reveal — always objective and distanced and subtle and charming, genuinely decent and impeccably well mannered, a little dangerously smitten himself by the lovely but corrupt Jordan Baker.

Alexander Scourby, one of the greatest reading voices of his era (overlapping Fitzgerald’s enough to know and feel it all) here does Carraway in a way that cannot, therefore, again be quite equalled. Imagine having a recording of a great contemporary actor reading Ahab’s speeches in Moby Dick, and one begins to appreciate the gift that we only now have in recorded sound, something we are already quite casual about. But there is much more here than historical accuracy. Scourby’s voice wraps around every phrase of Fitzgeral’s text with both an actor’s professionalism and a good reader’s care, making it not only uncannily his own monument but also a monument in audio book history. It sets the bar, and anyone interested in the recorded voice as an art form should own this for repeated learning.

3. Psychonauts

Incredible Game

This is an incredible game in a time where innovation loses out to the every year triple-a titles. It is obvious from the start with the art direction, voice acting and overall design that this game is a winner, and is deserving of five stars.

As a bonus, if you use the Steam client, you can enter the game code from Amazon, and the game will be added to your Steam library.

4. Air Patriots

Lots of fun!

I got this the day it came out on both my Kindle Fire & Android phone. It’s been a lot of fun to play and very enjoyable. The only minus is that your games only sync on the Kindle devices and not other Android devices.

5. Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Ultra Strike Spider-Man

Ultimate spider-man!



this unlike the others in this series is the super-posable figure.

The body style is more so like marvel legends. In the joint design

And look. With full body movement(except for ab joint).




All in all I love this figure, And would recommend it to fans of the show or some one who just wants a cool spidey figure.

6. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Good Product

I drove across the US 2200 miles and used this for additional storage. It has a ton of space and I filled it all! It was very easy to attach to the roof of my SUV and stayed put the entire drive. The only down side to it was that when I was securing it to the top one of the straps broke so I just tied to the rack instead and had no problems. For the price it definitely gave me a great deal more storage.

7. Columbia Men’s Watertight Jacket

Effective and Great for the Price

Just got back from a Kilimanjaro hike where we had rain and/or snow for half of our trip, and the jacket worked great–no seam problems, and repelled water as advertised. My hiking buddy spent ten times the price on his jacket from another company, but didn’t get any real benefit. Good buy.

8. Yamaha ATS-1010BL

Surprisingly rich sound

Got this to augment the sound coming from our 52″ LCD TV, which has meager speakers. HD set top box and Blu-ray player connected to the Yamaha with optical toslink cables. For action movies the sound has good punch with the bass remaining tight and manages to fill all corners of a spacious open floor plan living room-kiitchen area. Shows with dialogue emphasis get the “voice” option and this works very well. Now, understand that this will not sound as good as a true home theater surround system consisting of a receiver/amplifier, 5 or 7 speakers and a subwoofer; but for a simple, elegant setup, the Yamaha performs admirably. Highly recommended.

9. Samsung Galaxy S4, Black

Blows the competition out of the water!

-Design: The design is sort of the same as the S3 which I have no problems with. The S3’s design is sexy and very comfortable to hold in your hand and the same goes for the S4. If you loved the S3’s design then you will love the S4’s design even more, trust me. The phone feels a little bit lighter and thinner which is great. It has a nice feel to it that makes you want to hold the phone.

-Camera: The primary camera on this phone is 13MP (4128 x 3096 pixels) and the front camera is 2MP that takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen. The front facing camera is great when you are Skyping or even taking pictures of yourself.

-Battery: Samsung has decided to improve the battery capacity in S4 to 2600mAh that can easily last a full day with a single charge. I can get through a day with a single charge and still have 30% left at the end of the day. The battery life is one of the most important aspects when deciding which phone to buy for me because I travel a lot and I need a phone that can last a full day. My previous phone which was the S3 needed at least 2-3 charges to last through a day. The Snapdragon 600 does an outstanding job at using as little battery as possible.

10. LG Electronics 60LA6200 60-Inch Smart TV

Great 3D TV

I must admit that I was not sold on getting a 3D TV but I am glad I got this one. It is easy to control and uses regular 3D glasses like in the movies. I saved a couple of glasses from the theatres and they work well with this TV. Picture was bright and sound was good. I mounted it on my wall and it looks great. Does convert 2D to 3D quite well to my surprise. Looked at other models and read the reviews and this one won hands down and I can see why. I use to own a Sony Bravia and that was a disaster. If you are looking for an affordable 3D TV, this is it without costly 3D glasses.


Some customers are very thorough in their assessment of the items they purchase. That’s a good thing for companies. You can figure out what part of your merchandise or service is doing well and where you can improve. Your most vocal customers might not be the ones you can win over completely, but they can help you figure out what how improve your business.

Also note the details customers will share about their experiences with the items. Some will paint a picture of exactly how they use the product – more great information for you.


11. Caravan Canopy Beige Zero-Gravity Chairs

Great deal!

My husband & I have wanted to buy this type of chair for a few years now. I got these as an anniversary gift for him & he was very pleased. They are constructed well & got here in just a few days. My only complaint is that I wish they were a little bigger. I’m 5’4″ with an average build & they fit me perfectly. My husband is 6′ tall & he wishes they were a bit longer, but he’s definitely happy. So glad I found these!

12. Chevron 20×20-inch Cotton Pillow

Nice Quality

These pillows were nicer than I expected. The fill is actually duck feathers, so they are soft, but hold their shape nicely. Also, the zippers are hidden and appear to be of good quality. Be aware that the back side of the pillow is white, something to consider if the throw pillows are for a high-traffic area. So far, I’m pleased. Will have to see how the color holds up to washing.

13. Keurig B130 Commercial DeskPro

Great coffee-wish it would hold a little more water

Love Keurig. Have a larger one at home. This one makes one cup of coffee at a time and you have to add the water separately for each cup of coffee. Not an idea situation for home but for my office, where this one is, it is great. Keeps water for becoming stagnant and my co-workers can use it too. Only thing I’d like to see different is that I wish it would hold a few more ounces of water so each cup could have more liquid. Still it is a great machine for the office and it was a great price.

14. Verena Contoured Leveled Display Cabinet/ Bookcase


This is an excellent bookcase, display case, very sturdy, nice design. Easy to assemble but does require a couple screwdrivers and some elbow grease.

15. Milano 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Great deal. Just what I was looking to purchase.

Wasn’t sure about the pattern at first but we have a dog that loves our comforter as much as we do. The pattern masks the paw prints that sometimes just happen. Haven’t washed it yet, but cotton feels soft and I think it will wash very well.

16. R & M Richards Women’s Sequined Lace Jacket Dress

Dress is terrific!!!

I took the dress out of the box and was thrilled to see how beautiful it was. It was packed wonderfully and didn’t even need to be pressed. It’s for my son’s wedding and I love it. Showed my husbands and son and they both thinks it beautiful. Can’t wait to wear it.

17. Amanti Men’s Wrinkle-free White Dress Shirt

Good value

Nice pick up. Fit well, nice style, great price. I would purchase again.

18. Stuhrling Original Men’s Winchester 44 Watch

Beautiful but loud

It is a great looking watch but the automatic dial on the back doesn’t spin quietly like other automatics I own. Sounds like it rattles. I bought this color and a white banded one. They are the same watch and both sound like they rattle.

19. Morphe 101 Sable 13-piece Makeup Brush Set

Too smelly to use

I looked forward to receiving these brushes. As noted by other reviewers, they had a strong smell of chemicals. I let them air out for a couple of weeks. The smell never went away. I could not use this item. I contacted Overstock and they very graciously allowed my to return them ***. I am very pleased with their customer service.

20. BLU Touch Book 7.0 Lite P50 Android 4.0 Tablet

I’m Happy

I was looking for a device that would play music and movie. I’m a truck driver and i never get to watch my favorite shows anymore, once i downloaded all the FREE stuff(music &movies), I’m good. Its small, compact and very sturdy.


You can always learn the most from reviews that aren’t perfect. You want to hear what people really think of your items and your company. The details provide the best learning experience, which will move your company forward.

The thing with reviews is that if one person is saying something you know there are many more feeling the same way that haven’t expressed their opinions.


21. G5 Montec™ Broadheads

Simple and Deadly

I have one major philosphy when it comes to bow hunting. Keep it simple. The less you have to think about, the better chance you have to stick one of those wily deer. This broadhead is one piece, no moving parts, or blades to replace. It is amazingly easy to sharpen. It flies true and is deadly. This montec punched right through my pope and young 10 pointer this year and left a nice trail. Don’t hassle with those mechanical or replaceable blades. This is the ticket.

22. Remington® Express Core-Lokt Rifle Ammunition

Remington Express Core-Lokt Ammo

I have a Savage .243 I these bullets are the best factory ammo I have ever shot from this gun. I have tried a few other brands over the years but keep coming back to Core-Lok bullets.

Even at 250yds these bullets knock’m down where they stand (with proper shot placement of corse).

23. Cabela’s Tourney Trail® Casting Rods

I Like It

I am using this rod to troll for trout with flashers and bait or lures. It has just enough stout to handle the flashers but is sensitive enough to detect even small strikes. It is a good looking rod that appears as though it will hold up and last. I have over 30 rods in my arsenal and 25+ of them are from Cabela’s. I only fish what works!

24. Lowrance® Elite-5 DSI Sonar with GPS

poor instructions

Instructions included with unit very poor.

Make sure you read careful before ordering as i didn’t as unit is only good to 200 ft and where i fish lakes are up to 500 ft. I will now have to install another that works in deeper water.

25. Cabela’s Outback Lodge Tent

Need an awning over the door

I purchased the 10 X 10 Outback Lodge in summer of 2012 so had it for almost two seasons. Love the head room and ventilation. Purchased the floor liner as well and I am glad I did. Stood up well in heavy rains, winds and hail in Keystone, SD. The zipper is a little tricky and especially when it rains, it is hard to enter the tents and not let any water in or getting a little wetter yourself. I am VERY pleased with this tent except I would have given 5 stars if there was some type of awning over the front door. Also they said it weighed 16 lbs. but it is actually 20 lbs.

26. Cabela’s TrailGear 2 Floor Liners by WeatherTech®

Handles it all!

I put them in an 09 Dodge Ram. The fit was perfect and they have handled every season thrown at them. Mud, snow, dirt, water, and kids are no match. I am very happy with these mats and they will be in every vehicle I drive. I don’t even bother to clean the truck during bow season. When season is over, and the truck gets cleaned out, the carpet is still as clean as when I put the mats in.

Great product.

27. Cabela’s Outfitter Series™ Plaid Shirt

Excellent Quality

This product would cost over $100.00 if sold in Australia, they are so good. Fabric, manufacturing quality are superior to most other shirts I own. If you want a shirt that looks good and will do so for many years, then buy a few. You won’t regret it. By the way, fit for me (L) is very good. I’m 6’2″ and weigh 176lbs. (80kgs) Sleeves could be 1″ longer.

28. Cabela’s Big Comfort Chukkas

Poor Quality

Built poorly.

Tongue is not gusseted it will slide to one side of shoe. A shoe should have a gusset on the tongue or a strap to put the string through to hold it straight or it shouldn’t be built.

Shoe strings are cheap and will not stay tied.

Cabelas should review products before selling them.

Have been buying products from Cabela’s for a very long time, everything use to be great quality but seems to be getting worst the last couple of years.

29. C. Crane Solar Observer Radio


After buying the radio I tested it by charging it with the manual charging handle according to the directions. It played fine for the first charging time, about 45 min. After it died I charged it again according to the directions again with the manual charging handle and it only lasted about a minute or so. I turned it off and on several times and recharged it again with the manual charging handle but it did no good. I was disappointed with the radio and definitely would not recommend it.

30. Whitetailopoly Board Game

Great Game

Bought this for my 13 year old grandson who has become quite the deer hunter. Family game night is his favorite activity with this game. Terrific product, well worth the cost.


Sometimes it’s hard to know who your customer is. By reading reviews you get some insight into the exact person that’s buying from you. This allows you to make your products better, but you can also use that information to target new customers that fit the same definitions as your current customers.

Or you can determine if you’re fading away from the target customer you want to target.


31. Euro Pro Shark Shark Navigator Pro Lift – Away Vacuum

Nice compact vacuum

I enjoy the flexibility of the vacuum. It is very easy to dump the collection container. My only complaint is the width is several inches smaller than my other vacuum. This makes it harder to cover large areas. Perfect for stairs and smaller rooms though.

32. Handy Living Convert-A-Couch Sleeper Sofa

Great Couch!

Easy to put together, very comfortable, soft fabric, true to color in the picture, and great functionality. 🙂 Definitely get a friend to help move the box and put it together though, it’s pretty heavy lifting.

33. Arm & Hammer™ Voile Grommet Sheer Window Curtain

Sheer odor neutralizing curtains

The curtains were way more sheer than i thought.

And i can’t tell anything about it being odor neutralizing. They looked much better when I opened them up and left them, as the ac kept blowing them apart since they were so sheer.

34. ET2 Inca 7 Light Flush Mount

Beautiful, bright light.

Put this in the dining room and it adds a lot of class and bright light. Glad we read the other reviews about hanging the crystals before hanging the light, it sped things up. Also, ran across some online information about aluminum to copper wiring, but it turned out that the negative information was about houses that were wired with aluminum wiring.

35. Rachael Ray Porcelain II 12-Piece Cookware Set

Cooking good!

Color is beautiful and performance is beyond my expectations. It’s the best cookware I’ve ever had. My husband cooks, too, and is super impressed with the set.

36. Perry Ellis Microfiber Sheet Set

Perfect fit and comfort.

They are exactly what I was hoping for. They are soft, comfortable, and a perfect fit. Great price too! They do not slide off the bed as often as some reviews stated. I have only had to adjust them 1 time in the whole month I have had them. I am very pleased with this product.

37. Home Styles 5 Piece Outdoor Dining Set

Good quality product

This is a very god quality product. After having researched through lots of products in my price range I settled on this one due to its quality and good reviews. The only reason I gave it 4 starts is because it does not come in bronzecopper finish which I love.

38. Kohler Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet


I love this faucet! It is absolutely spectacular. The nozel is great, stainless finish is great, and it’s very well made. The touchless is awesome! The advantage of having the plug in vs. the battery is that there’s a little light on it that also doubles as a night light. I have the touchless soap dispenser and faucet – now if someone would invent a good residential touchless hand dryer I’d be set!

39. babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Great crib

There are a few things I like about this crib:

-it has a nice low profile. Because I am short and most cribs do no have sides that drop anymore I was having trouble finding a crib that I would be able to reach into without being on my tip-toes

-the wood material is high quality

-extra storage underneath. I have used this to put all of my baby linens in and it works great.

-conversion kit comes with crib. many convertible cribs charge extra for a conversion kit.

40. Palm Beach Jewelry 18k Gold/Silver Diamond Accent Lion Head Pendant

lions head

Chain is a little flimsy, lion’s head is beautiful, diamonds are very nice. Changed the chain out for a 20 rope I bought, and everyone loves it!


Sometimes the feedback you get from customer reviews reveals that there may be issues in the marketing. It could be the message or even the image you’re showing online.

Part of business is setting the proper expectations with customers. You can’t always help how customers expect your products to be when they arrive, but you can change your marketing to give a realistic view of what customers should expect.

Banana Republic

41. Sleek suit skirt

Great Work Skirt

I love the fabric on this skirt it very soft, lays flat and is lined and very flattering. I am usually a size 6, I am 5″6″ and 130 and it is true to size.

42. Kenedy Pump

Stylish and Feminine

These shoes have style and elegance rolled into one. They are reminiscent of 1930’s class and femininity. They dress up a pants outfit, as well as skirts and dresses.

43. Tamsin Bootie

Nice low-heeled boot for Fall

I was very happy to find a boot on BR’s website that was only 2 1/2″ high. I just can’t handle a higher heel with my commute. I haven’t worn the boots yet. I’m waiting for some cooler weather. I did try them on with both knee-high stockings and a thin trouser sock and they fit well with each. I should mention that the top of the boot hits the top of my foot a bit too snugly but I figure they’ll stretch.

44. Presidio Hobo

Awesome bag!

This bag is BIG, but not too big! I fit a ton of stuff for myself and my toddler in here, but I don’t feel like I’m lugging around a suitcase. The inside pockets are sufficient, and the front pocket makes it easy to get to the stuff you need fast. The leather is beautiful and the bag is very well constructed. I LOVE it!

45. Summer Pendant

Pretty necklace

This is a really nice necklace (I got the blue) … however, the pendant is by no means 1″ in size…it’s much larger. A lot larger than I expected, but I am still going to keep it because it adds a pop of color that i was wanting. I’m also very tall so it’s not overwhelming on me, but it might be on a shorter person.

46. Stretch Piqué Skirt

Nice skirt for work

I was in search of a black skirt for work and found this one in the store. I got size 0 petite and it fits perfectly. I don’t think the petite sizes are even offered online. It’s not a tight fit but slight A-line. I would recommend.

47. Contrast Silk Blouse

Love the contrast!

I was so excited to receive this blouse. However, when it came, and I tried it on, it was a little too tight across the bust. The contrasting colors are a plus, but I expected the silk to be a little softer. It felt kind of stiff. I am sorry to have to return it.

48. Camden-Fit Red Print Ankle Pant

Great Pants!

Love these pants, going to wear them with a black v-neck sweater and silver shoes for a little bit of a pop!

49. Floral-Print Roll-Sleeve Shirtdress

Much Prettier in Person

I’d seen this dress online several times and never gave it a second look. The model looks good, but the pattern seems a bit busy. Then yesterday I was in the store and it caught my eye. The pattern is beautiful. I bought the 4, but when I got home and tried it on again, it seemed a little tight in the chest. When I’m standing normally it’s fine, but if I put my shoulders back and stick out my chest the buttons pull a little. I don’t put my shoulders back that often, so it probably won’t ever be an issue, but I went ahead and ordered the 6 so I can compare.

50. Houndstooth V-Back Shell

Has anyone else noticed?

I’m sure it’s not only me that has noticed the model is wearing this shirt backwards, right?? It states v-back and round neck and there is even darting shown in the back of the shirt on the model that belongs in the front. Very funny! I ordered it because I like the pattern and color of the shell. I’ll let you know how it works… Maybe it can be worn both ways! How versatile BR, love it!

51. Ponte Short-Sleeve Peplum Top

Great Top, One Exception

I absolutely love this top with the exception of the acetate facing. The fit was perfect and the material is great. I would rather of had a top stitch then the acetate facing inside as this rode up and bothered me that it was showing. I was going to buy the Blue but the color was so off from the self to the lining that showed. Great style though.


Fashion customers can have specific tastes in style, but they also place a high importance on quality and comfort. Notice the details these customers mentioned. For fashion it’s often in the details. You can use that in your marketing to make the connection.

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