The #1 Key To Apple’s Great Marketing

Phone RecorderThe Apple events have gained recognition over the years.

Mostly for being great productions that people remember.

When Apple announces one of their events lots of people mark it on their calendars to tune in. It’s been going on for decades. Some have been more impactful than others. But mostly the company has been one of the best at generating buzz for their new products.

Rightly so, the events are often praised for their marketing qualities. Gaining attention for the company and its products. Big launches that lead to lots of sales.

But one aspect might get lost in all the acclaim…

Why Apple Is Great: New Product

At the heart of every big event or commercial or whatever it is in the marketing world at Apple, there is a great new product. The most memorable events and ads and everything has always had a great new product.

The Macintosh ad. The iMac ad. The iPod launch. The iPhone launch.

The events and ads are memorable, but it’s the product that is at the root of it all. Without the new product the event wouldn’t likely make a big impact or any impact at all.

A Quick Story

My first job out of college in 2007 was working in the footwear catalog world. Right away I learned that while marketing is important it’s actually merchandising that runs the show. Without great merchandise (in that instance: shoes) marketing was doomed. Sure, you can do some things to sell subpar product and you can struggle to move good product if you have subpar marketing.

But the product usually got things rolling in the right direction.

I remember each person in charge of their area of merchandising had all the products up on their wall. Listed out by most popular or most profitable. Some kind of measurement that allowed them to see what merchandise was doing well and what wasn’t. It also called out new products versus older products.

And the reality in that world was that even the best products would run their course. In order for the business to grow there had to be a steady stream of new product. That focus could never be lost.

Final Thoughts

Every business eventually needs new products. Or improvements on the current products. Certainly there are instances when a product has a long life. But eventually the light fades and either the business fades with it or they innovate something new and are back on the growth cycle again.

Apple is known, and right so, for their great marketing. I’m a marketer, and marketing is certainly important as is sales, but without a great product you’re going to struggle. We remember Apple’s events not for the event itself, but for the product. The iPod. The iPhone. Over the years it seems that the iPhone events have gotten less and less impactful. The product has improved, but not as much as in years past. It seems like we’re almost at “Peak Phone” just as we were at “Peak Airplane” in the 1969 when the Boeing 747 was produced.

Airplanes haven’t changed much since. Will the phone change much in the coming years?

There will be innovations at Apple in the coming years. I’m excited to see what they are. And I’m sure when they do launch great new products that the events will be special. But not for the event itself. Because of the product.

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