Technossus Looks To Attract Various Businesses With Its Blog

Technossus Blog Analysis
Having a blog makes sense for a company like this.

Technossus seems like they can do just about any project you have.

If you’re a business, I think an enterprise level business, and you need something technical like an app or software solution then Technossus is here to help.

It looks like part of their offering is consulting and that makes sense. Often a business will know they have a problem or an issue, but they’re not sure exactly what’s going on. They know they need a solution, but they’re not sure what solution.

That’s where a company like Technossus can come in, assess the business and situation and provide a roadmap and solution. Then they can execute the solution as it relates to an application, mobile application or something like that.

And we’re talking high tech stuff. Here is a case study for a drug company or something like that. They needed a really custom solution. Technossus came in and helped them figure out what they needed and then provided it.

So check out their site for more. We’re going to move into what they’re doing with their business blog.

1. A Blog Makes Sense

Technossus has a really good handle on who their target clients are. They have an entire page on their website dedicated to their different types of clients. And with each description they provide a clear picture of how they can help each type of company depending on industry.

When businesses come to GBW and ask if a blog even makes sense for their website I always like to start with their understanding of their target reader or target client/customer. If you know who you’re trying to attract to your business it really makes the blogging more effective.

If you’re a startup and you’re trying to figure out who your target customer is you can still start with a target. You can tweak that over time, but it’s good to do some work on who other companies like yours are targeting so you know what to do. It’s good from a business perspective and from a blogging perspective.

Technossus seems to have a really good handle on their target audience. They do have multiple. We’ll see if they address that with categories on their blog.

2. Being Accepting & Humble

A trait that is appealing in people is humbleness. Those that are humble attract others to what they’re doing. I think businesses can take on the trait of being humble as well and I think Technossus has shown that they have a humble culture with this blog post.

They have a few recent posts about an industry award organization. They were nominated and won. They were appreciative and accepting of that award in the post. But they also mentioned that they wanted to show their adoration for the other nominees. And it’s a local award and they wanted to take a second to be proud of their entire community for doing great things.

Posts like this show the business’s personality. That’s attractive and something potential clients are attracted to. It’s a type of post you don’t often see, but when done well, like this one, it really stands out and is effective.

3. The “Missing Out” Title

This title really stood out as I was going through the Technossus blog archives:

Is your startup missing out by ignoring Microsoft?

I like these kinds of titles. People don’t like to feel like they’re missing out on something. For whatever reason we’ve evolved with a need to be in groups. Maybe being in the herd is safer or whatever. If we feel like we’re missing out on something good we want to learn about it and be part of the in-crowd.

Anytime you can do a “missing out” title like the one that Technossus did you’ll attract attention. And there’s a clear target client with this title: startups. And it touches on a topic that is in the same industry as Technossus. Apple has been getting a lot of buzz in the last decade, but Microsoft is as big as ever. Startups likely know both companies, but maybe have focused on using Apple. Appealing to their curiosity with this post Technossus should get some clicks, readers and potentially clients.

4. Long-Term Commitment

Technossus has an archives dropdown on their main blog page. You can see that they have posts going all the way back to January 2012. They didn’t blog every month in 2012. They blogged a little more in 2013, a little more in 2014 and more in 2015.

But that shows that they’re going into their fifth year of blogging. That’s the long-term commitment that blogging requires in order for the effort to be successful.

Now, if you’re simply looking to share company updates and insight from time to time then the frequency isn’t as important. But the commitment to making your blog the official source of company information to the public is still important.

If your goal is to grow organic traffic of new and potential clients then it will require a higher frequency. We usually recommend at least weekly posting to build organic traffic over time while also committing to something like an ongoing blog, one that you’re doing for years.

5. Adding The Blog To The Homepage

One little note on adding a blog feed to your homepage. I think it can be good especially if you share company updates on your blog. Technossus does that and they have their blog feed on their homepage.

One thing to think about with your homepage is what you want visitors to do next from the homepage. Usually you want them to go to your services page or maybe your about page. Taking them to the blog may not make as much sense.

I like to think of a blog post as bringing a potential client to your site for the first time. They don’t know you exist; they found a post and from there they can discover other pages like your homepage.

Once someone is on your homepage, however they got there, they are likely a little further into your sales cycle. Taking them to a blog post usually doesn’t make sense. It can, but not often.


It’s pretty cool that Technossus has a blog. They are a pretty high tech company working with some pretty complex industries and customers. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful with a blog. They know their target clients and they’ve committed to a blogging strategy. If they focus on finding questions their target clients are asking, maybe setup categories for each target industry and commit to regular posts they’ll have even more success with their blogging effort.

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