Getting Back Into Reading Thanks To My Wife

Last week my wife wanted to go to our local library. I hadn’t been in a library for many years. I was surprised how excited I got when we arrived and walked around. I feel a rejuvenation for reading and I’m excited about the prospects of being a card carrying library member once again.

How Much Can The Brain Handle?

This week has been hectic, but this post is not about wallowing in sorrow about how difficult life is. Everybody has something going on. This post is about how to deal with those weeks when it seems like your brain is pushed to the limit.

Are We Working Too Many Hours?

There is an interesting article on the Harvard Business Review. It’s about the number of hours people are working today and how companies really value that commitment. But are there downsides to working so much?

Learning To Take It Day By Day As An Entrepreneur

I have mentioned a few times about how important I think it is for entrepreneurs to have a vision for the future. To think one year, five years and even 40 years into the future about the business. But it’s also about having a balance of taking things day by day.

My Advice To My 20-Year Old Wannabe Entrepreneur Self

Today I’m going to a cocktail hour and dinner event at my old university. It’s been 8 years since I graduated and a lot has happened. I guess I’m supposed to share my experiences with the students. I’m not sure what I’ll say yet, but I thought I would think about what I would tell myself if I were still a student.

Learn To Spot Your Weaknesses In Life

There are so many things in life that we get wrong. As entrepreneurs we often get recognized for the things we do right and that’s wonderful. But usually there are a number of things we do wrong. And I’ve noticed that some of the best entrepreneurs are the ones that recognize their weaknesses and they’re confident in certain things as a result of that recognition. Here’s what I mean…

Good Breaks vs. Bad Breaks In Life

Do bad things seem to happen to you more than they do to others? It’s really the perception we have on life that determines our good and bad breaks. Here is a lesson I learned about life from one of my favorite hobbies.

10 Reasons I Love Wisconsin Winters

Wisconsin winters can be harsh. And there are times you’ll hear me grumbling, but there are many things to look forward to about winter.

7 Subtle Traits Of Successful Businesspeople

Over the years I’ve observed a few entrepreneurs that I respect. I’ve kind of formed my own vision for life using their inspiration and I’ve noticed a few subtle traits that you might not have noticed before.