Stop Waiting For Things To Change

Yellow LeafIt’s easy to see why many people are frustrated with life.

There are so many paradoxes.

We all know the power of waiting. Those that are patient often find success. Those that can put off a reward today are rewarded with more in the future.

But the flip side of that can also be true. It’s not always good to wait for things to be “just right” before you do something. It’s not good to think that when something happens that you’ll be happy and satisfied.

That seems to be one of life’s traps. Sure, there are plenty of times when the world seems to be going against you. I see it all the time in business. Heck, I started my professional life in 2007. For about a year it seemed that this work thing would be easy. Then a huge crash occurred. Nobody knew what to do. Everybody was kind of treading water. That’s kind of been the story ever since.

And along the way I saw many people thinking that they would just wait it out. They would wait for things to change and then they would get back to rocking and rolling. Then they would really get back to working on sales and new products and things like that.

Sure, you can wait.

But other people I’ve watched have taken the opposite approach. They have seen downturns and present times as opportunities. They seem to have the mindset that if you can succeed in the hard times that you can really succeed when and if times get better once again.

I like that mentality.

With business, but also with other things. I try it with my golf game which is often a struggle. It’s relatively easy to golf when you’re swinging really well. But most of the time that’s not the case. I try to think about how I can figure out some kind of a respectable score when I’m really struggling. That way I can somewhat succeed in the downtimes and really succeed when the good times come back again.

But I see others. And I’ve been there more often than I would like to admit. They start out a round of golf. They realize quickly that they don’t have the goods that day and they kind of give up and post a high score. You know they’re thinking that they’ll try hard again once things change and they’re feeling better.

Man, I’ve been there a lot.

It is not easy to see “off” times as opportunities. But they are. If you can find a way to succeed in off times you can really build the type of confidence that takes you to great places. Both in future good times and in times of struggle.

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