How To Make Your Small Business Fun Again

Dayne Shuda
Being a small business owner is fun for me.

It’s Friday and we’re going to have some fun on the blog.

I’m usually in a good mood when I’m writing the posts for the GBW Blog, but I’m in an especially good mood today because it’s Masters week. I’m a big fan (or maybe fanatic) of golf.

I love watching it on TV especially the big tournaments like The Masters. I also love playing it and while I’m not great I’m still driven to try to figure out this game that really can’t be figured out.

On Wednesday the annual Masters Par 3 Contest was going on. I had my laptop in front of me. I was responding to emails and working on a few things. Next to me I had the iPad setup with the coverage of The Masters.

There was a moment when I realized, “Man, it’s great to be in this position. I’m lucky.”

The Frustration Of Running A Small Business

As a small business owner I know there are times when running a small business is not fun. It can be incredibly stressful and sometimes you’ll wondering why you’re even putting yourself through the frustration or even sadness.

I’ve had those feelings and I still have those feelings, but over the last year especially I’ve made a few changes in perspective that have made my life more enjoyable and I think it can work for you too.

Here are a few things I’ve done to make running Ghost Blog Writers more fun. Try them out and put the fun back in your small business.

1. No Email After 4:00 PM

This was a big challenge for me, but after putting it into practice it’s worked wonders.

I’ve stopped reading emails after 4:00 PM.

You might be thinking, “This guy is crazy or just incredibly lazy!”

I’ve found that answering emails after 4:00 PM has only led to poor performance on my part with my business and incredible frustration in my personal life. There were countless times when I would open email right before going to bed only to read a message and want to take action right away.

You’re never going to get a good night’s sleep when you have business on your mind. When I stop reading emails at 4:00 PM I have plenty of time to forget about the company and focus on family, friends and winding down for a good night’s rest.

I figure it’s better to wake up fresh in the morning ready to tackle anything. Fires will happen with the business, but I can deal better with them on a good night’s sleep.

I realize this might not be possible for every business. We love blogging at GBW and treat every post with great care, but if something happens it likely won’t end the world.

If you let something go for 12 hours will the world come to an end?

2. Morning Coffee And Crosswords

When I wake up in the morning now I like to have a fresh cup of coffee and do the New York Times Crossword on my iPhone. I find that it gives my brain time to get going without focusing on work right away.

I’m a morning person and I’m usually ready to go in the morning, but I still need time to adapt to being awake. I’ll brew a sweet cup of coffee fire up the Crossword for the day. It challenges my brain and gets things moving and when I sit down and open the inbox I’m ready to tackle anything with full focus.

3. Plenty Of Good Sleep

Did I mention that sleep is important?

I think part of the frustration and sadness with small business owners if lack of sleep. You can control the amount of sleep you get. I’ve found that when I’ve tried to pull late nights with work that I lose countless hours the next day.

I do better if I shut things down and get a good night’s sleep and come back the next morning with full focus ready to go.

Sleep is so necessary for your health too. Don’t cheat yourself out of sleep. Give yourself permission to sleep every night and your business will improve. You’ll be more focused and healthier in life and that leads to more enjoyment.

4. No Shame For Taking Fun Breaks

As I mentioned, I watched The Masters this week as I worked.

It used to bother me a little bit to take a few minutes to have some fun during the day. But after a while I realized that this is a perk of being a business owner. I’m not going to get reprimanded for enjoying my day.

This week I would respond with full focus and intent on an email and then take a break to watch the golf tournament. It was great. It made me happy and made me appreciate what I do for a living.

You’re the owner of your business. You have to do things like this. Take time during the week to go for a walk. Go the store. Do something that you enjoy. This is one of the major perks of being your own boss. There is no shame in taking fun breaks because it makes you happier and better at your job.

5. Cut Out The Negative

Finally, get rid of the negative influences in your life. If something is really bothering you with your business then eliminate it. I’ve seen small businesses that work with jerk clients and keep working.

Yes, you want to do right by your clients, but if they don’t treat you well you have no obligation to continue working with them. Fulfill any financial obligations you have and cut ties. It’s not worth your sanity.

This also goes for negative people in your life in all areas. Don’t surround yourself with friends and family that are negative all the time. It’s amazing how they can impact your personal and professional life. You don’t want to logon to Facebook and read someone’s sad and angry rants all the time. Get rid of them and focus on people that are happy.

Happiness is contagious and if you’re around happy people you’ll be happier.

Being a small business owner is great. There are countless horror stories out there and it just seems like it can be a huge trap to fall into working all the time and thinking that is what’s necessary to run a small business. It certainly isn’t a lifestyle for everybody, but there is no reason you can’t enjoy running your small business. Life is too short to not have fun. ¬†Hopefully these tips can help you with your small business. I like working with people that are having fun and enjoying life :-)

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