Any Business Can Start a Blog

December 3, 2011By

Any business can benefit from blogging.

This story of small businesses in Minnesota was inspiring to me. The story saw a group of small businesses owners gather to take a course in business blogging. First, I think it’s great that there are free courses offered to business owners that cover the basics and even the more in-depth areas of business blogging.

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult. Yet for some people it can be scary to think about maintaining a blog. Most people speak with about blogging know they want to have a blog for their business. These folks realize that blogging can send traffic to their website and bring new customers to the business that might never have known about the company.

Yet these same people have a fear about writing and maintaining a blog. The biggest fears are about coming up with ideas for blog posts. Another fear is worrying about how people will react to the thoughts and insight shared on a blog.

These are common fears and realize that you’re not alone if you feel this way.

If you realize your business needs a blog there are some options for starting one. You can, as the class above offers, learn the finer points about blogging and just dive in yourself. This is great for one-person businesses where resources might be low. Putting effort into blogging can lead to some good sales for a growing business. I’ve seen it happen.

If you’re the owner of a business and you don’t feel you have time to blog you can look within your business and probably find employees willing to start and maintain a blog for you. It’s possible to work with these folks to develop the strategy. From there, let them use their imagination to come up with great content. Work together to come up with the vision for the business and then empower them to grow the blog and your business.

You don’t have to be afraid of blogging. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog there is no better time to finally jump in and get things rolling.