Share Your Vision (The Biggest Reason Customers Read Blogs)

August 28, 2013By

Your vision will earn you customers.

If you do your homework and answer questions your target customer has you’ll get good traffic to your website.

But there is another layer to the business blogging strategy.

Answering a person’s question is great, but the real goal is to get that person to trust your business and purchase something from you. That’s the goal for any marketing initiative including business blogging.

But how is this accomplished?

I’m glad you asked.

Sharing Your Business Vision

We’ve written about vision before here on the GBW Blog:

The idea in those posts was to create a vision and/or mission statement for your blog just as you do for your business.

Vision in that sense is putting together something your team can believe in when it comes to your blog. It’s often the founder or CEO’s job to create vision for a company. This gives purpose to what the company is doing.

People need something to look forward to. They need goals and direction. When a company has vision it brings people together to work to do their part in order to reach the goal.

Guns ‘N Roses Had A Vision

Guns N Roses

They were rough, but these guys had vision. (Duff on the left)

I may have mentioned before that I enjoy reading autobiographies or memoirs. I always find stories of success and life interesting. Usually I read stories about musicians like Keith Richards or Duff McKagan. Sometimes these folks are troubled, but it’s always interesting to read about how driven they are for one purpose.

In those stories there is almost always a vision.

You may remember Duff as the bass player in Guns ‘N Roses. The band doesn’t have the best reputation in the world. They certainly did their fair share of partying, which caused pain for themselves and for those around them.

But what was really interesting about the band is that even though they were crazy they still had vision. All five members had a vision to create music that was different. They all wanted to be the biggest band in the world.

That focus drove them to do whatever it took to create a great album. They did it, but to do it they needed something else to happen. They needed an audience to buy into their vision or their way of doing things.

GNR was different. The band was brash and crude. They made music that made people feel rebellious and free. It wasn’t all about having a good time and doing superficial things. It was about finding something better.

People bought into that vision. That’s why GNR sold so many records.

Phil Jackson And Vision

Another way to look at it is the point Phil Jackson makes in his book Eleven Rings. He talks about how he would lead men to victory in basketball. It’s a very team-oriented game requiring players to fill certain roles to achieve success.

The trouble is that players (like everyone) are naturally pulled to make their individual lives better. This goes against team sports.

Phil’s vision, however, was to focus on the championship. He convinced his players that winning championships would make each of the players on the team better of as individuals.

Players bought into this vision and stuck to their roles instead of freelancing and doing things as individuals. They played their parts and his teams won more championships than any other.

Back To Blogging

You need to answer the questions:

Why does your business exist?

When you know this answer you can put it into your blog. This will be the reason people come back to your blog over someone else’s. They may be able to get information from other sources, but your unique vision will give them reason to connect with you over everyone else.

It will give them reason to trust you and to purchase your products.

Our vision at Ghost Blog Writers is to help small and medium-sized businesses get more customers. Our speciality is helping them use the knowledge they already have to earn the attention of people that are searching for that knowledge online.

We want to help people do that and we want to be the best and the biggest company that does it.

That’s our vision and we’re starting to get people to buy into it. They could go elsewhere for blog posts, but they connect to us because of the vision.

That’s how you earn readers and customers with your blog.

Image: Vestman