An Example of Blogging About Recent Events

If you’ve been reading past articles on GBW then you may realize that I champion blogs and business blogs that give perspective on the news. No matter what the industry is there is always something happening that has impact.

Think of these news items for various businesses:

  • USPS Charges for the Direct Mail Industry
  • Google Changes for the Search Industry
  • Fashion Trends for the Apparel Industry
  • Privacy Legislation for the Display Industry
  • The Weather for the Travel Industry

There are countless news items that have impact on a variety of industries. I’m sure, as a business owner, you keep track of the news affecting your company and your industry. It makes sense to try to see the trends and understand what the future holds.

Blogging The News

To reiterate what I mean here let me say that you’re not trying to break the news on your blog. That’s a tireless game and really people can get their news from anywhere and with Twitter it’s really difficult to break the news these days.

The good thing for you is you don’t have to break the news to be relevant.

The strategy of blogging the news is taking the articles, studies, interviews, etc. that have an impact on your industry and providing perspective for your customers. Your customers and readers see the news just as you do. They are doing their own analysis to see if they can understand how any changes will impact them.

What you can help them with is this understanding. People seek knowledge and understanding. If you can providing that point of view on news topics you can become a sought after source of knowledge in your industry.

This strategy is one of the ways to build trust with your blog. As you earn the trust and build and audience you’ll find yourself getting more customers and more long-term customers.

Dr. Mercola’s Empire

I was reminded of this strategy this morning when I received my daily updates from Dr. Mercola. The Mercola site, which is really the Mercola Empire of health, has been using the news strategy for many years.

The most recently example was their blog post Can Red Meat be Part of a Healthy Diet?

What the experts on the site including Dr. Mercola have done is taken the recent news surrounding red meat and have addressed it with their own insight. People will read articles and studies about the red meat and wonder if the common food is really that bad for their diet.

Mercola provides his expertise and insight and it provides his readers with an understanding. Readers come away feeling better about their diet and more trusting of Mercola for his insight.

You can use this strategy of blogging the news. It earns the trust of your audience. Make sure you put some thought into each of the articles because you obviously want to be right about how the news will impact your readers.

Try this strategy on your blog and see if your readership will grow.

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