Reason Not to Blog Part 2

To refresh your memory here is yesterdays posts on Reasons Not to Blog.

Yesterday’s reasons not to blog included:

  1. No Time
  2. Boring Industry
  3. No Proof

These are probably the top three reasons not to start a company blog, but they aren’t the ony reasons.

More Reasons Not to Blog

Once again, if you have additional reasons or thoughts on this topic please share them in the comments.

No Writing Experience

Blogging is relatively new to most industries. Blogging has been around for probably 10 to 15 years in some form and it’s just starting to be utilized by businesses in various forms. Since blogging is new, most business owners and their employees do not have the skills necessary to effectively blog. It’s good to focus on the skills you have now and utlize those to maintain your business and to grow your business. There is always opportunity to expand based on a current skillset. I’ve seen this happen with a few businesses and it makes sense. If you have a skill why not use it to expand.

Refute: The one point I’d make is that if you’re curious about blogging it is something you can try with just some basic knowledge of writing. Every blogger out there probably looks back on their first posts with agony. We’d all like to go back and fix some things, but the point is to get started and improve along the way. Life is about learning and improving. If you feel blogging does offer opportunity then the best way to get into it is to just start.

Not a Core Competency

We touched on this point above. Some businesses just have a distinct core competency. You might be a direct mail business. This involves sending something in the mail to people and knowing a certain number of them will respond. This is profitable for you. It often works if your customer is above 55 years old. Blogging is not your core competency. You’ve done some research and realize your target demographic doesn’t even read blogs. It probably makes sense to avoid the blog thing.

Refute: There is not much to refute about this point. If your customer is not reading blogs or looking for information online then it doesn’t make sense to target them with a blog. However, if you ever change your business model to target folks that do use the Internet, a blog might be in your future plans.

SEO is Dead

If your company has been dabbling in SEO tactics for a few years you probably have suffered the wild fluctuations of rankings. Google seems to always be messing with their rankings. My feeling is that Google is working toward paid results. It’s been creeping toward that route for years. It might take 20 years to get there, but it seems that is what makes the most sense from their business perspetive. And Google doesn’t owe anyone free organic rankings for search queries. SEO will probably always be around in some capacity and might even gain importance in certain ways, but if you believe SEO is dead then it doesn’t make sense to blog…right?

Refute: SEO or organic traffic from blogging is one of the nice side effects of maintaining a business blog, but it’s not the focus anymore. Blogging (and guest blogging) is about referrals and list building. These are the pillars of marketing and have been or years. The concept is simply transitioning to the online world.

One lesson most business owners learn as they conduct their operations is that not every person can be a target customer or client. I realize that not every business owner is a potential client of GBW. It’s best to focus on those where the opportunity really exists. It saves time, money, and effort and works out best for everyone in the long run.

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