How Niche Marketing Works Online

February 27, 2013By
Niche Marketing

Business blogging brings your niche audience to you through search and social. via mikebaird

Niche marketing is not a new concept.

Businesses have been doing it for a long time.

The idea is to focus on a segment of the overall market. You analyze that specific group of people (or businesses), figure out their problems and find a way to solve those problems.

As more people have started using the Internet it seems that doing the research part of niche marketing is becoming a little easier. In fact, it’s relatively easy to track the data and behavior of segments of people. With that information you can create products based on the needs of an audience.

How do you start doing this?

With a business blog.

Business Blogging: An Answer to Niche Marketing

There are two ways to go about niche marketing with a business blog.

The first is to start a business blog before you really even know what your audience wants.

You start with a general idea of what you want to blog about. Next you hone the blogging strategy to figure out the type of content that audience needs. From there you start figuring out the posts that do well and you develop products and services based on what you find.

This strategy works well if you’re looking for a new business idea. If you’re just a person with a job looking to start a business you can do this. You can also do it if you’re a business owner or marketing manager looking to create a new line of products or services at your company.

The second method is to start a blog for your existing customers. It could be that your current product offering is running stale and you need to create a new product. This is similar to what we just reviewed with the first option. The other reason is that you’re looking for new customers for the current product you offer.

By starting a business blog you can gain access to your niche audience through search and social.

By using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool you can get a little insight into the intent of your target audience. You can find some long tail keywords people are searching for and create blog content for those people. You fill their need to find  information based on the intent they show in the keyword searches.

You also go directly to your source by asking your current customers for information. Ask them about questions they have about your service. Ask them what they’re struggling with.

Take those questions and create blog content.

You’ll attract your niche audience through search and social. Those people are searching for the answers you’re providing. And if your posts truly do a great job of answering the common questions you’ll find that readers are inclined to share the answers with others on social media.

People naturally want to help others and when we find information helpful to us we want to share it with other people like us.

This is how business blogging works.

Niche marketing is about really honing in on a segment of the market and getting those people to discover your business.

With business blogging you have a strategy to make niche marketing work and pay off for your company.

It can be really profitable if you’re willing to put in the time.